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onesojourner 07-18-16 01:39 PM

Looking for Advice on Handlebar Reach and Brifters 5800
I am considering upgrading to a 5800 groupset this fall and I am also trying to make my bike fit me a bit better. Right now I am pretty comfortable, but loosing about 3 CM on my stem length would make things better.

Her is my current setup.

I am also rarely on the breaks I find myself holding on to the bars just past the bend:

So with the brifters I am guessing this will change how I ride keeping my hands on the brifters.

I ran across this picture and I think it is going to be a huge help:

So my question right now is how much overlap is there between what looks like a total 5800 brifter length of 10cm and the stated reach of the bars? It looks like these bars are about 8cm and with the brifters the reach is about 15cm so is roughly 3cm of overlap always the case? I am looking at something like the easton EA50 bars that claim about 7.5CM of reach.

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