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jamesdak 07-19-16 08:11 AM

Curse the England Sales! Or which bike to built up!!
So, with some of the recent offers in England I've managed to pick up a new black Athena 11 speed groupset and a set of Campagnolo Shamal Ultra Black wheels.

My original idea was to upgrade the DA 7400 on the Giordana Antares with the groupset. I was going to move the silver Open Pro Miche hubbed wheels off the Superleggero to this bike and then use the new Shamals on the Superleggero since it's my fast, go to bike. But I"m having second thoughts.

The DA 7400 looks so nice on the Antares, it really does. Yet I love riding this bike and ride it fast and the upgrade would be better for my blown knees for sure. I tend to muscle things a bit more with the 6 speed set up versus shifting as much as I should. And obviously not the range with the gear selection. Then there's the point of silver wheels with a black groupset. I could use the Shamals on this too but I bet they would feel so nice on the 3 lb lighter other Giordana.

Another thought is to use the Athena set on the 1989 Greg Lemond Ventoux I'm sorting out. It's running really comfy now with a 700 x28c GP4000s II mounted on a wide set of Team 30 wheels. I want to keep this cush ride so I don't thing the Shamals would be properly wide enough to mount the 28s on. By that I mean right now on the wider rim they actually measure 31 yet are not crazy lightbulb shaped so they still corner well. I'm worried about losing the handling if I upgrade this one and use narrower rims. I think I could keep the Team 30s on and run a Shimano 11-28 11-speed cassette but I'm not sure if I'd give up any of the sweet shifting mismatching the parts. Plus the 8 speed on it right now is working well and these old brifter shift up 3 cogs with the lightest effort of anything I have. Oh and if I go this route I'd need to get a braze on adapter for the FD since this bike is a clamp on. No big deal I guess.

Of course I could do the Ventoux and try to source a cheap, light, wide Campagnolo compatible wheelset. Just not finding anything reasonable with an inner width of at least 19mm....

Other factors for me. I like to ride a lot of miles and ride daily. The Ventoux is cushy right now but bad spots in road seem to resonate throughout the frame. Not harsh but I steel feel them were as the Antares you don't really feel them. Oh and the rear of the Ventoux was already spread to 130 the Antares is not, yet.

Decisions, decisions, decisions....

The Antares as it sits now, it does have a black headset, seat post and saddle.

Then Ventoux, no doubt all black would look good on this:

Oh and if I do go with the Antares upgrade I could swap the DA 7400 onto the Club Fuji I just picked up. The white Ole components on it look great other than the crankset but in all honesty they don't work as well as the DA...

The Fuji

So, if you were in my boat what would you do? I keep going back and forth on this decision. I'm fixing to head out for 30 miles on the Antares so maybe a revelation will come to me, LOL!

Barrettscv 07-19-16 08:44 AM

I vote for the Lemond. It would not only look good, it will look better than the existing crankset and group. Most of a bikes ride quality is a product of tire and rim choices.

exmechanic89 07-19-16 09:32 AM

My only contribution is that I love the way your Lemond looks right now, what a great looking race bike. I like the combo of old and new.

squirtdad 07-19-16 09:49 AM

This sounds like the perfect time for a new frame and n+1

chewybrian 07-19-16 10:22 AM

Originally Posted by squirtdad (Post 18922943)
This sounds like the perfect time for a new frame and n+1

I just ordered up a brand new Bob Jackson, and the 'Brexit' saved me a bundle on currency conversion

(which I am plowing into better components...).

Spaghetti Legs 07-19-16 12:31 PM

If you're not hung ho (and it sounds like maybe you're not) on the vintage DA group, then I would think the Antares would be the choice. Im assuming that it has 126 mm spacing though. I bet you that Athena would look real hot on a certain Coppi frameset. :innocent:

jamesdak 07-19-16 02:01 PM

Ugh, the new frame talk isn't helping. LOL!!

I just got done taking the Antares on a 43 mile ride to include a category 2 climb up Snowbasin Mt. Not bad for an old pink bike sporting a 52/42 chainring and an old pink jersey wearing fart pedaling it. The best thing though was that I hit 55.2 mph on the descent down. I finally broke 55 and could have had more except for the cars in the way.

Things I noted on the ride though. If I keep it as it the FD needs adjusting, rubbing when on 52 and the smallest chainring so cost some descent speed. Brake pads are old and terrible. With good pads and brakes I could have been more aggressive and gotten more speed today. And the rear wheel is a tad out of true again. The old wheels just aren't staying true so I'll need to have them relaced at least I think. Starting to make more sense to throw all the new stuff on this one. Heck if I can get up the mountain on it with a 42 toother I can cruise up with a 34. Hmmmm.....

Still the shifting was flawless on the trip up. Click on the shifter, up a cog, stand to pedal, sit, click on the shifter again, down a cog, mash. No spinning a 42T up this mountain for me, LOL! And when cresting a peak I just backed off the pedal pressure and quickly shifted down several cogs to hit speeds. Hmmmm.....

Andy_K 07-19-16 02:26 PM

Originally Posted by jamesdak (Post 18922665)
Of course I could do the Ventoux and try to source a cheap, light, wide Campagnolo compatible wheelset. Just not finding anything reasonable with an inner width of at least 19mm....

I'm very partial to LeMond bikes, and I think this one would pair nicely with an Athena group.

I recently got a set of Campy-compatible wheels with Velocity A23 rims from Velomine for under $200. The A23's are a millimeter narrower than you stated, but I think they'd work for you. The Velomine wheels come with Origin8 (Formula) hubs and straight gauge spokes. The hubs are actually amazingly smooth and look pretty nice (especially the silver ones). I wasn't thrilled with the straight gauge spokes, but I figure that for the price of these wheels I could always unlace them and replace the spokes with something better and still come out ahead. In reality I'm just going to ride them until I see a problem.

If I were in your position, I think I'd put the Athena group on the LeMond and give the 11-speed Shimano cassette a try. It may surprise you. Then you could always buy new wheels if you aren't happy with it.

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