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mmcc73 08-14-16 09:07 AM

Replacement for Maillard Freewheel for Raleigh Record?
Hi all - I'm rehabbing a Triumph branded Raleigh Record. I thought I was just about done, but it would seem that the smallest cog on the freewheel is toast - besides it looking rather worn, the chain skips like crazy when force is applied.

The freewheel is a Maillard, the hub is Sturmey Archer.

I read on Sheldon Brown's site (Traditional Thread-on Freewheels) that different freewheels are threaded differently. However, I don't know if mine is French (Maillard) or English (Sturmey Archer) threaded.

Will regular run-of-the-mill off-the-shelf freewheels thread onto my hub ok?

Pars 08-14-16 09:39 AM

Yes, though French threaded freewheels might be hard to come by. I would bet that it is English (ISO - 1.370" x 24 tpi) threading. If you remove the Maillard freewheel, either it or the hub may be marked for threading. Sometimes they used a ring or stripe on the hub to indicate (can't remember the details). Since this is on an English bike (Raleigh), I'm not aware of Raleigh ever using French threading.

JohnDThompson 08-14-16 12:31 PM

I don't think Sturmey-Archer ever offered a metric thread hub. Maillard freewheels were available in either metric or English thread. Chances are yours is English. You can test this by threading a known, English thread bottom bracket lockring onto the hub. If you can thread it on without binding, thre hub is English thread. A metric thread hub will only allow the lockring to thread on for a partial turn.

Some freewheel bodies are marked with the thread type:
Source: Sutherland's 4th Edition

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