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Bentley6 05-18-05 06:26 AM

Schwinn Traveler date? Please help.
I have a women's Schwinn Traveler that I can't figure out the date from my date codes list. It begins with J92.... Any ideas? It has a 4 digit number stamped on the badge but I forgot to read it. Thanks.


Sierra 05-18-05 09:06 AM

That number on the headbadge is the date code. First three digits are the sequential day of the year. Last digit is the year of the decade. The decade is usually the eighties.

Bentley6 05-18-05 12:15 PM

Great. Thanks.

CSCman 05-18-05 12:34 PM

I have just aquired a Schwinn Traveler too. This particular one was made in Japan does the same hole true for it too? Or were all the Travelers made in Japan?

Sierra 05-18-05 03:24 PM

There were some earlier Traveler models from the fifties and sixties that were 1,2, or 3 speed bikes. These were Chicago Schwinns and the normal serial number date codes pertain to them. I think all the later 10 speed models were made in Japan. If it has the four digit number stamped into the headbadge, that is the date code.

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