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dukerider 05-20-05 02:44 AM

Kuwahara Frame

first post from a new member.

Rescued from a garbage bin in my street a road bike frame. I'm in Sydney Australia and the frame is branded "Appollo", which is a local bike manufacturer. The frame however has stickers saying "by Kuwahara", "019 Ishiwata" and "Kuwahara Osaka"

It had no front wheel, a badly bucked rear wheel, no seat or seat post. It does have Shimano 600 brakes and derailleurs and levers, Shimano biopace triple chainrings. The buckled rear wheel has a 6 speed Shimano 600 old style threaded casette.

The frame is pretty tatty, but it also feels very light.

I have sufficient components in my spares box to get a complete bike together (I have some nice Campag Lambda Strada wheels that would be suitable).

Before I start though, can anyone give me any info on this frame. It is nicely built and I'm thinking it might be worth repainting. Its cost me zero dollars so far!


T-Mar 05-20-05 05:57 AM

The big markets for Apollo seem to have been Australia and Canada. I am familiar with the 1970s models and they were all nicely manufactured and finished. You are correct in stating that the frames were manufactured by Kuwahara. Biopace came out in 1983, so it's probably no older than that, unless the parts are replacements. If you want to narrow the date down, check the two letter date codes on the brakes and derailleurs against the info on the Vintage-Trek website.

Ishiwata 019 was a lighweight, butted tubeset. It's comparable to Reynolds 531C and Tange #1 with repect to wall thickness and weight. That, plus the Shimao 600 components indicate an upper, mid range bicycle. It's definitely worth an investment to fix up. Nice find - congratulations!

dukerider 05-21-05 01:29 AM

Thanks, looks like it is worth keeping.

dHb 09-08-05 02:35 PM

If you check on the side near the bottom bracket you'll find the serial number. Based on the two that I own it looks like the first two digits of the serial number are the year of production. My 1984 Apollo "Club Sport" is equiped with Shimano 600 components (not the Bio-Pace version). It's a nice bike that was good value for the money.

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