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rcarr 05-21-05 04:48 PM

Vintage 70's Mercier
I just picked up a vintage early 70's mercier, but I am not sure of the year or the model. And I am having trouble finding info on it. How can I distinguish the 100, 200, and 300 models? Many of the parts are original (the ideale saddle, front simplex derailleur, but some art definitly not). Any info is definitly welcomed.

rcarr 05-21-05 06:42 PM

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here is a photo

T-Mar 05-21-05 07:47 PM

It would appear to be a Model 100, aka Rally Sport. The 100 and 200 were equipped similarly (Mafac Racer, Simplex Prestige, steel cottered crankset, Normandy/Atom hubs) but the 100 had a clincher wheelset, while the 200 was QR tubular. The big, distinguishing factors on the model 300 were the Reynolds 531 tubing and Stronglight cotterless crankset. Depending on the year, there may have been other minor differences, but these were the typical configurations during the early 1970s boom.

It looks to me like both the front and rear derailleurs are replacements. I also do not recall them coming with a derailleur guard and shortie fenders.

John E 05-22-05 04:19 PM

That's a blast from the past. My buddy on the 1972 Los Angeles Wheelmen Double Century had the 300, which seemed every bit as good as a Peugeot PX-10.

Julianplante 05-23-05 09:13 PM

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Hi, I just finished fixing up my father's old ~1972(might be 71, 72, or 73) Mercier 300. Its got simplex, mafac, normandy and stronglight parts, originally sew up tires. I don't know if yours is older or younger but I'll attach a picture, maybe it will help you figure out the age. Two major differences I see is that the crown of your fork is chromed and the paint job. It also looks like your brake cable routed through braze ons on the top tube, mine has 3 little clamps. Here is a picture you might find useful for tracking the age: it looks more similar to your bike than mine does. Good luck with finding more info.


fritz1255 05-24-05 12:24 PM

What is the brand name on the handlebar stem? Looks like the one on my bicycle that I am trying to identify.

Julianplante 05-24-05 01:25 PM

Mine says "PIVO" inside the oval on each side

rcarr 05-24-05 07:39 PM

Mine is also pivo. And thanks for the info guys, it is much appreciated.

zonatandem 05-25-05 10:31 PM

Pivo wsas supplied on many of the French bikes in the 70s.

anthony m 04-23-09 09:36 AM

mercier bike
i also have a mercier 10 speed,says made in france on handle stem, sticker on tube says Luxtub,Fabrication Grantie, special, on the brakes it says Mafac Raceron the brakes the hard seat says Reccia Doro, the front forks are painted in certain areas factory, says mercier on the tube paint i believe, it has steel foot pedals, if you could help me with info i would appreciate it, my wife purchased this bike in toronto canada 1970-1972?

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