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AZ Randy 05-22-05 12:16 AM

Schwinn Paramount??
I need some help with a serial number before I drop money on this older frame that the seller states is a 50th anniversary Paramount. The frame has all the correct decals but I'm a little confused with the serial number after going to the Waterford website. Serial # on the bottom bracket reads: 600DWM87090
I'm confused with the DW in the sequence.

BobHufford 05-23-05 12:40 PM


'600' = 60.0 cm, 'D' = fork length (long), 'W' = Waterford factory, 'M' = December, '87' = 1987, '090' = 90th frame. Built very late '87 at Waterford for the '88 Anniversary model year. Sounds good to me unless there is some special coding used for the Anniversary models themselves. Ask Richard Schwinn at Waterford. He's always been good at answering questions directly.

Best of luck,

Bob Hufford
Springfield, MO

BobHufford 05-23-05 12:47 PM

Oh, now that I look closer I see the confusion. There should be a third letter in the mix? I'd still go to the source on this one. Does the bike have the gold plated fork? The "regular" paramounts that year had a decal that referenced the anniversary, but weren't the special models.


AZ Randy 05-23-05 07:24 PM

Thank You for the infor., the bike doesn't have the gold plated fork but it does have the correct anniversary decal on the seat tube and head tube but the "Schwinn" and Paramount decals are white, not gold. I think you are right about it being a "regular" bike built during year. Thank You again!!!

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