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rcourtis 05-22-05 08:38 PM

replacement brake pads for Universal brakes
my 1972 italian 10 speed came with all Campagnolo parts---except for the brakes which were Universal Model 61 sidepulls. i am about to get it back on the road but the brakes will need some atttention first
i was able to find new brake hoods recently ( Universal NOS), but the pads are well oxidized to the extent that there is virtually no coefficient of friction at all to speak of .
i need new pads.
has anyone tried these new Koolstop units?
should i be looking at the Dura ace type or the Campy type? or has anyone out there any better ideas?
it's a shame someone doesn't just produce some replacement rubber---i'm sure there must be thousands of Universal 61 and 68 equipped bikes out there.

TheOtherGuy 05-22-05 10:11 PM

Campy type Koolstop work pretty well. I'm using Universal 68s with Koolstop "Continental" pads on one bike, and the same brakes with Koolstop "Supra" pads on another. I like the Continental a bit better.

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