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cruentus 05-22-05 10:19 PM

NOS Puch -- Worth $100?
Found this on eBay. Where do people find 30 year old bikes "new in box"?

Puchultima 05-23-05 05:43 AM

100 are ok for this bike.
Sometimes stores are so full you cant get to the boxes witch are waiting in the back. If the bussines goes down this items show up.

datenschwanz 05-23-05 10:47 AM

For $100 NIB that's a deal and a half. I have a Puch Mistral and an AD VN II and they are both mighty fine rides. Besides, it's a one off these days. Not everybody has one like it so you'll be like "whoop! whoop!" (anyone get this reference?).

By the way, if anyone knows where i can find an AD Vent Noir i'd be grateful.


nick burns 05-23-05 11:34 AM

Originally Posted by datenschwanz
By the way, if anyone knows where i can find an AD Vent Noir i'd be grateful.

It's tiny at 52cm.

They come up from time to time on ebay.

randya 05-23-05 12:13 PM

Originally Posted by datenschwanz'll be like "whoop! whoop!" (anyone get this reference?).

Bud Clark, former Mayor of Portland, Oregon. :D

markwebb 05-23-05 12:48 PM

The parts alone may be worth the $100.

John E 05-23-05 02:00 PM

Well, it ain't no Vent Noir!

The Steyr Clubman was about the lowest-end "10 speed" ever exported to the U.S. from Austria. (Some of the early Sears Free Spirits are in the same class.) The frame is plain carbon steel, and most of the components are comparable to those of the Peugeot UO-8. The advantage of a Clubman over a UO-8 is the English/ISO bottom bracket.

The Clubman had a couple of really cheesy features, such as full-length cable housing on the derailleur cables.

DiegoFrogs 05-23-05 06:20 PM

The rear brake bridge makes me a little sick too... It's a funny juxtaposition, right next to a semi-classy seat cluster (which uses a nut!). I think there would be better buys in the $200 shipped class, even if it is NOS L@@K!

look171 05-27-05 12:17 AM

Hey Puch, I raced a PUch in 1982 as a Junior. A green one, like connie Carpenter's. Your Motta, is it the tri color red, white, and green? Almost blew all my summer job $$$ on one. Can you post a pic of them when you have a chance. Thanks


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