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^oZ 05-23-05 01:00 AM

Date this bike.

TheOtherGuy 05-23-05 08:41 AM

Don't know anything about the bike, but best guess places it right around '77-'80.

^oZ 05-23-05 09:04 AM

Allright, that's what I thought too. About 1980. Thanks!

^oZ 05-23-05 01:41 PM

Any other thoughts?

TheOtherGuy 05-23-05 01:52 PM

Originally Posted by ^oZ
Any other thoughts?

Looks like a mid-range frame, though it's got nice, forged drop-outs. I'd be curious to know about the tubing it's made from.
Cool headbadge! Components are nothing special.

John E 05-23-05 01:55 PM

That has very nice rear dropouts for a plain carbon steel frame with a cheapo aluminum crankset! I am guessing mid 1970s, based on lugs, brake calipers, and crank.

^oZ 05-23-05 01:57 PM

Okay, good news! Do you guys think it's worth to powdercoat it?

John E 05-23-05 02:03 PM

Originally Posted by ^oZ
Okay, good news! Do you guys think it's worth to powdercoat it?

Not at the $150 or so I would expect to pay here. If you can paint it for significantly less money, go for it. Otherwise, clean it up, assemble it with the components you want, and ride it.

^oZ 05-23-05 11:29 PM

Yeah, I've found a reliable powder-coater here who'll powdercoat my frame for about $45,-.


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