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fritz1255 05-24-05 06:15 AM

Identify this bike?
I have a 10-speed that I aquired used in about 1970. It was my bike throughout high school and beyond. French-made, I think. The paint was in bad shape when I got it, and a friend convinced me to refurbish it, so all the original decals, etc. were history a long time ago. The original brand name was "Jaubert". It has cottered cranks, Huret/Svelto front/rear derailers. The front rim is "Samir", and has a fabric rather than rubber protector between the tube and spokes. The rim has grippers on the side which make for sure stops even in the rain, but wears down the brake rubbers quickly. Rear rim is Schwinn, almost certainly a replacement. The saddle is "Gauthier", pedals are "JRS" (I think - difficult to read), "Made in Belgium". The freewheel is Atom Competition. What type of other info would be helpful in identifying? I can post photos, assuming I get our digital camera working. What specific frame parts should I take pictures of?

Kevin-Web 11-24-07 02:35 PM

I sent an email to you recently, but I am not sure if you received that. I am cleaning up a 5 Speed Jaubert which is very similar to your bicycle. Unfortunately, dating it puzzles me because I cannot locate any patent or serial numbers on anything. My neighbor found it abandoned in a field with some other scrapped bikes, and grabbed it because it had an old generator headlamp/tail light assembly on it. I will send some pictures if you are interested.

fritz1255 11-25-07 07:42 AM

Got your EMail that you sent a few days ago. Thanks, and look forward to seeing the pictures. Since I posted the original message, I put some pictures on a web page, which is here: Note that there are also some pictures of what I believe is another Jaubert - originally posted on this forum as an unknown bike. Near as I can tell, Jaubert was a low end brand from the 60's, but it was my first 10-speed.

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