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mtrmsd 05-25-05 06:09 PM

Bridgestone/Kabuki SYD bike
Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has any information on a bike that's been hanging in my garage for some time. It looks to be a men's bike with thin tires. If you can't tell, I basically know how many tires should be on a bicycle. That's about as far as my bike knowledge goes.

Anyway, I guess the bike was my mom's and she rarely used it (and bought a men's bike for some reason). She said it was too high for her so it might fit me perfectly. All I could find on it was the info I put in the title of this thread. Does anyone know how much it's worth? Would it be worth fixing it up and riding?

DiegoFrogs 05-25-05 08:32 PM

It's only worth what someone's willing to pay for it... depending on your location and it's condition, maybe fifteen dollars. And that's in New York, where theres demand for anything that nobody would steal. Consider donating it to a bike co-op, if your city has one nearby. I find some stuff like this on the curb all the time, usually a little at a time, and NEVER in my size. I've never witnessed people tripping over each other with cash for a Kabuki. It'll probably ride really nice with some cash and care invested.

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