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Kenright 01-18-17 03:42 PM

Need Help ID'ing Three Wheeler
Hello everyone! I hope this is the appropriate forum mods, my apologies if it isn't. I am accepting delivery of a restored adult trike tomorrow that I bought for my mother. The restorer states he does about one of these a month and believes it to be of vintage age, but doesn't know what brand/model. It has a 3 speed Sturmey/Archer as well as a differential. Can anyone help me identify it? Much appreciated!!

Since I cannot post urls, search craigslist Tampa for "ADULT 3 SPEED TRIKE - RECONDITIONED ADULT 3 WHEELER - $250 (Lecanto)"

sarahbruce 01-18-17 05:02 PM

I have no help for you, but if you are talking about the red trike with whitewalls.... that is a cool trike! As much as I can tell from the pics, it looks like a well done restoration and definitely "different" enough to be identified.

Here is a pic of the trike I think you are referring to-

tricky 01-18-17 07:16 PM

Link assist.

Kenright 01-18-17 09:50 PM

That's the one!! She arrives tomorrow!

thumpism 01-19-17 10:15 AM

Trailmate is/was one of the largest manufacturers of adult trikes, with a variety of frame styles for different applications. Yours looks like something they might have produced in the '70s and '80s but which may no longer be in production. That distinctive double downtube with the little kick at the bottom of the upper tube is the best identifier. You might try contacting the company and send them pics for help with the ID. If they did not make it they might be able to tell you who did. Good luck!

If the seller does a lot of these, as his ad suggests, I'm surprised he does not provide the brand info. Seems like something his buyers might be interested in knowing.

Here's another by the same guy. He evidently stocked up on red paint.

thumpism 01-19-17 10:32 AM


thumpism 01-19-17 10:41 AM


Beat you to it.

Kenright 01-22-17 05:20 PM

Thanks!! So Columbia is the manufacturer then, yes? Mystery solved!!

And yes, she loves it!!

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