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I remember why I don't like selling stuff on CL

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I remember why I don't like selling stuff on CL

Old 01-19-17, 07:16 PM
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I remember why I don't like selling stuff on CL

Holy cow. I put a bike up for sale last night. The first guy sent me an email and told me to text his mom about it for him (what?). The next guy sent an email, asked if he could send me a check in the mail and hold it for him until he gets into town. And that he hopes I'm being honest about it because he's a man of God. The third guy wants it, but doesn't know how he can pick it up because he's an hour away and doesn't have a car. He's probably hinting that I should hand deliver it to him. I'm about ready to take the ad down and keep it.
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I think that's all part of the fun. My wife accidentally sold the same thing to two people once. That was pretty funny. Most people who actually buy your stuff end up being pretty cool.
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Old 01-19-17, 07:36 PM
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I've met some really cool people buying and selling bikes on craigslist. I put an ad up one time looking for a vintage steel Trek. Someone emailed me saying he had one, I emailed him back asking for a pic. He replied that he doesn't do pics, we've been good friends ever since. I run into some flakes once in awhile but I usually have good experiences.
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Old 01-19-17, 07:41 PM
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Write to #3 that you'll meet him with the bike early Saturday AM at the bus depot.

Sometimes when an add shows up in one of the satellite communities, I'll at least ask if the seller is coming this way. Many do long distance commute. If the seller says to come and get it, I'll judge by the item, and may well get it (by bike).
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Old 01-19-17, 07:58 PM
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Just ignore them and move on. I find I get a lot less goofy emails if I include something like this at the bottom of the email:

"Cash in person only, no checks, no shipping. Don't bother with scams, I just delete your emails. Don't ask me to text or call you, we can discuss over email and exchange numbers when it comes time to make the sale."
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CL can be skeezy. I'm pretty careful about controlling the situation when I'm selling, but have had some weird buying experiences.
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Just as rrcardr says, "control the situation." I used to have people come to my house; I don't do that anymore. I usually set the meeting place at a Starbucks, across the street from my local Police Station. I say, "call me when you are 10mins away". That way I know I am not wasting my time. Gauging the true interest with a phone conversation is a good idea. I will drive a bit to accommodate the buyer, but I want to speak with him/her and feel out the person a little. I too have met some cool people, had one bad situation with a nut-case though.
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Old 01-19-17, 09:21 PM
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It's a big world with all kinds of weird people. Why be normal?
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Old 01-19-17, 09:24 PM
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I sort of like the CL experience.... and sometimes not. I generally don't email much... I prefer text on my phone. I've driven nearly 100 miles (one way) to buy a bike (and it was worth it to me).

But on occasion selling to strangers can seem sketchy.
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Old 01-19-17, 09:34 PM
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IME once I get to the actual part where I meet the person, that is good and for the most part people are pleasant and friendl; at worst a little shy and strange. I have never "CL'ed" in a big city though.

The electronic exchanges before a meeting are often frustrating and weird though and that actually is a nice screening tool. To the OP, I bet the "can you text my mom" was a phishing attempt for your phone #.
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Old 01-19-17, 09:36 PM
Bikes are okay, I guess.
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I recently sold a leaf vac/chopper and the guy was willing to pay my asking price plus $40 to deliver it in town. What the hell, I loaded it up and went over. He was delighted to get it and now I have more room in the garage and more money to spend on bike stuff. Other transactions have also gone smoothly but I'm prepared to be surprised eventually.
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Old 01-19-17, 09:42 PM
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So far so good for me as a seller. I have more experience as a buyer and have met for the most part pretty nice and cool people. Heck just the other day, I bought a $15 bike computer on cl and the seller actually BIKED from downtown San Francisco to near the SFO airport! Really nice of him plus he got his bike ride in.lol
Like others have said, just be in control. I'm sure there are a lot of sweet talking scammers out there. And also some of them are not the brightest crayons in the box.
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Old 01-19-17, 10:18 PM
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I still chuckle over a couple of things we sold with classified ads in the local paper. Some things get dozens of calls. Some get one, or none. I listed a roto-tiller and sold it to the first guy. The calls kept coming for weeks. "Hey man, you still got that tillah?" Same thing with a lightly used 1984 Maxima. An oxy-acetylene welder and a wood lathe only got one call. A fully chromed Schwinn BMX bike in top condition got none. A 1992 Jaguar XJ-6 Vanden Plas in nice shape got lots of calls, but nobody with any money. But luckily, no scammers or flakes.

The other day I met a guy called Spaghetti Legs. He sold me a bike frame.
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The mechanics of the deal are usually the hard part. I recently spent almost 100 days pursuing a small table. Lots of long gaps in communication and being "out of town" by the seller.

I had given up, but then got a text with a real phone number. Once we talked on the phone the deal was done in a week. She turned out to be really nice and even met me half a mile a way from my work, which was where her mother lived.
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My oddest one was a guy in Portland who sent me $100 over my asking price for the big old Raleigh Elkhorn I was trying to sell forever.

Waited two weeks to make sure the money order didn't bounce, got in touch with him, he gave me his address and I dropped it off. Nice guy with a lot vintage stingrays and such; very interesting garage full in a cool part of north Portland.

Combined the trip with moving my daughter back to college, dropped a box of crap on Gugie, everything lined up just so.

When selling, I usually have the buyers come by my work during business hours, so it doesn't bother me at all if they flake. Not making any special trips or wasting any time at all.

When I'm the buyer, people usually just say "I'm at home now, cmon by."

Small town.
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Wanna meet some losers, sell a used mountain bike. Ho-ly cow.

I actually really like when folks come from a long way away to make a purchase. You can be pretty firm on price with 'em, what are they going to do, drive six hours and NOT buy something?
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I met a women selling a bike (I really only wanted the wheels) and found a sheriff with her who had seen her crying in the suburban. It was her husbands (died recently?) bike and it was tearing her up to sell it. It took quite a while, the officer was super nice, he took the money and got things out for her. It was gut wrenching to be there as she pulled spares and accessaries out of the vehicle saying you better take all these as well.
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I've never had much trouble buying or selling on CL. I've met/run into a couple BF C&V folks that way, responding to ads I didn't realize were from some compadres here.

I've also facilitated on a couple transactions for people. Last summer a Masi went from the Chicago burbs to Buffalo. The most recent was a small bit of specialized audio equipment for a guy in Italy. I was the legs on the deal. My contact was an acquaintance through Classic Rendezvous on the East Coast. Shipping was almost as much as the actual price of the stuff.
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On the other side of life- Lately there has been a rash of craigslist deals gone bad when the seller had only one thing in mind: Relieve the buyer of anything of value he may have. Some of the local police have set up a "trade zone" for people to do safe transactions. As mentioned before- DO NOT do the transaction at your home. Be safe. Sell stuff!

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I've had mixed experiences. Some people have been really nice, have paid asking price, showed up on time, etc. while others have showed up and pulled the "I really like it, but I don't have any money right now."

I also used to have people come to my house, but won't do that anymore.

I will admit there have been times I have wanted to buy some weird or strange item on CL just to get a glimpse at the person selling it.
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I sold two bikes last year on CL. They were priced fairly, but to go quick. I didn't want to waste time. The oddest call I got was some guy the next town over. I got a long story about how he was going to ride it (a hybrid) up the east coast of the U.S., but he was really over weight and homeless. He wanted me to deliver it to him at a homeless camp blah blah blah. No thanks.
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Selling bike parts in Toronto on CL is more hassle than it's worth. I stopped doing it because of all the flakes.

People just can't read an ad. An ad has three pieces of information, the product, the price and the location and most emails to me ask about one of those three pieces.

I had a guy ask me to deliver a $40 item 300 km return because gas was expensive. I wonder if he thought gas costs me less than him? Plus the four hours to drive there and back.

It just isn't worth the hassle anymore.
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I have mostly had a good experience with CL, however there have been some unusual to say the least potential buyers. Your experience takes the cake.
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E-mails from an *******
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I rent a little storage space --- I usually just ask the buyers to meet me there. There are cameras

I rarely ever meet anyone at my house unless it's something bigger ticket, like a vehicle or a dirt bike
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