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colinm 05-26-05 11:11 AM

Anyone know where I can find these? My Benotto's gum hoods are blackened and bubbly - very strange looking.

I see BananaBrain has them for almost $30 shipped on ePay.

Mhendricks 05-26-05 11:28 AM

I just bought brand new hoods and levers for my Trek on EBAY for $20 and some change. In fact, here's an auction going on right now. Other than that, try some LBS to see if they can locate a pair for you. That's all I did until I found a pair.

"Steel is Real"

colinm 05-26-05 11:29 AM

Yeah, saw those but thanks. I'm going to try to get some gummy hoods....

Mhendricks 05-26-05 01:07 PM

Originally Posted by colinm
Yeah, saw those but thanks. I'm going to try to get some gummy hoods....

Know what you mean. I've got gummy hoods too. Love them but hard to find. I got lucky.

clayface 05-26-05 01:26 PM

I use Dia-Compe hoods on my 600 levers. Work fine and fit almost perfect.

colinm 05-26-05 01:28 PM

Like these?

Noah Scape 05-26-05 02:49 PM

Try this selection:

colinm 05-26-05 02:59 PM

Decisions, decisions....

clayface 05-26-05 04:22 PM

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I use the small ones. I borowed the image from ICYCLES at

clayface 05-26-05 04:26 PM

I forgot to say that they come a bit in the way when the lever is pressed, but nothing important (and this works kind of a return spring...)

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