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Grand Bois 05-27-05 08:52 PM

My "new" 1988 Bridgestone MB-2
I've only had a chance to take one long ride on it since I finished putting it together. It's a sweet ride, but the hand postion makes my thumbs ache. I guess that's an issue for the 50+ Forum.

Here a few shots:

The only other thing I'd like to do to the bike is change the fork to the Ritchey double crown type-if I can find one. I don't know if it's any better, but it looks cool.

By the way, I mentioned to the owner of The Pedaler Bike Shop in El Sobrante, CA that I was working on a Bridgestone and he showed me two MB-3 frames. One was new and the other was very used. They were both purple, and about 17". The new one was tagged $250, but I got the impression that the price is very negotiable. The Pedaler bought up all of Bridgestone's stock of parts and frames when the company folded.

jeff williams 05-27-05 09:09 PM

Neat-o. Ritchey headset =original?

Grand Bois 05-27-05 09:17 PM

Not hardly. The original was a cheap steel Bridgestone housebrand headset. The 1988 MB-2 was basicly an MB-1 with cheaper components.

jeff williams 05-27-05 09:19 PM

Well -good choice then!

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