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oglala_1927 05-28-05 05:26 PM

Suntour GT derailer
I have access to a Suntour GT and would like to know if it would be ok to swap it out for my Suntour Honor on my Peugeot. I read the thread about the Suntour Superbe and would ask how does the GT compare?

T-Mar 05-28-05 09:21 PM

The GT and Honor are both steel derailleurs. The Honor is actually about 40g lighter, so unless you need the extra 6T capacity of the GT, I'd stick with the Honor. Both could handle a 30T cog, but the GT's capacity was 34T while the Honor was 28T. The Honor was an entry level, general purpose derailleur, while the GT was an entry level, touring derailleur. Neither are in the same league as the Superbe which was a high end racing derailleur. It weighs about 1/2 of the Honor, but could only handle a 25T large cog and only had a capacitiy of 26T. If your Peugeot originally came with an Honor, it probably has gearing that is too wide for the Superbe. The only reasons to switch to a GT is if you want wider gearing than your Honor can handle or it is just plain worn out.


oglala_1927 05-29-05 07:45 AM

:) Thanks! all I needed to know. Originally I was going to put on a 30 or 32t cog, but haven't had to use the 28t yet. Ride, ride, ride!!! I can see the GT is quite a bit larger than the Honor. Thanks again

takara14 05-29-05 11:31 AM

A good period upgrade would be one of the Suntour V-Luxe series of derailers. All have aluminum body and cage. The short cage V-Luxe is working great on my bike with 40 and 50 chain rings and a 14 - 24 freewheel. For a bike with 40 and 52 rings and 14 - 28 cluster I think the medium cage VT-Luxe will work (If you can find one!). Best bet would be the long cage VGT-Luxe (quite common).
Pre-index Suntours don't have a spring loaded pivot on the mounting bolt and don't soak up as much chain as other derailers of the period. They do seem to be superior at moving the chain uphill on the freewheel. The Spirt and SL front derailers were also superior at shifting small to large on the crank.


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