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David_Maxwell 05-29-05 04:35 PM

Just joined. First post. "New" Schwinn.
Hey guys, yesterday at a "junktique" store I picked up an old blue schwinn tiger for $12. It is a 1963 based on the date from the sturmey-archer rear hub. It seems to have all original "schwinn approved" equipment, down to the tires, but much of it with the exception of the frame and rear hub/ shifter is in pretty rough shape. My question is what should I do with this bike(besides giving it to you ;) )? It would make a cool campus bike, but would that cost a lot of money? Should i put it on ebay? Put the hub on ebay? I will try to post some pictures.
Thanks, David

pjbaz 05-29-05 07:48 PM

I'm interested if yu want to sell it. I want a project to match my son's Lil Tiger.

Let me know,

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