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Silly question - how/where you carry a spare tube?

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Silly question - how/where you carry a spare tube?

Old 04-13-17, 01:36 PM
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Silly question - how/where you carry a spare tube?

I'm curious since I have that Transit under saddle med/large bag, and have 2 tire levers in there, a few bucks, a small set of allen wrenches, etc... But I don't always carry a spare 27" tube with me, as I don't carry a pump. I figured, in the event of a flat, I'd walk the bike to the nearest gas station or wherever and change out a flat and use their air pump if it came down to that.

Do you always carry a spare tube, patch kit, etc... ?
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Old 04-13-17, 01:42 PM
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Yes. And a pump. And patches, the basic stickers at the very least, in case of multiple puncture.

If the nearest gas station or bike shop or whatever is 20 miles away, walking to it sucks.

As to where? In the saddle bag, same as the tools and stuff. Pump goes on the frame or in a jersey pocket, depending on bike.
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I have a rear rack on all my bikes. I use a trunk bag to carry spare tubes, patch kit, tools and a small air pump.
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Originally Posted by ButchA
Do you always carry a spare tube, patch kit, etc... ?
Yes, for the security of knowing that I can be back on the road in less than 10 minutes. Patch kits, not so much but tube is a must.

Just go and pick up one of those CO2 air pumps. They are small and efficient.
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My English bikes carry the Carradice which has the patch kit, pump, levers and spare tubes. The fast race machines have a small saddlebag for those same items crept I use a CO2 inflater instead of the pump. The Rando bike uses a medium saddle bag for punctures but the other tools get put in the Cannondale handle bar bag.

I don't know how to walk.
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Just as I wouldn't drive a car without a spare, I wouldn't ride a bike not equipped for a flat.

Every one of my bikes has a pump, and small seat bag containing a tube & tire levers, plus a few $$$ for emergencies.

At the very least, and this works better for attractive women (not a sexist statement, just a fact of life) carry a tube for your own bike. Then you can wait for a volunteer to help with the repair, but at least have the right tube.
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I have a small saddlebag that goes with me everywhere, it contains a patch kit, spare tube, and multitool (sometimes my wallet, keys, and phone too), and always have a pump either attached to the frame or carried inside a pannier with the rest of my stuff if I'm commuting or running errands.

The only exception is the one bike in my fleet with 26" wheels - since the spare tube I carry all the time is 700c, I keep a 26" tube tucked inside the saddle rails on that particular bike so that I don't have remember to grab the right spare when I ride it.

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I always carry a spare tube, patch kit (against the risk of a second flat), pump and tire lever in a seat bag. Don't need the lever on my wheels and tires, but has been very helpful when I've stopped to help another rider.

Just used the tube and pump (Lezyne Road Drive under a water bottle mount on the bike that doesn't have a pump peg) two nights ago on the way back from my evening bike repair gig at the local non-profit. It would have been a long walk late at night, and I would never trust a gas station air pump to be able to reach proper pressure, which was no problem with the Lezyne.

Now that one bike is 650B and this one is 700C, and the seat bags are shared, I made sure to have a tube of each size in both bags.
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As most of my bikes don't have racks, I have a backpack that i carry a multi-tool, Tire Levers, Co2 pump , hand pump and spare tube.among at the least a small Headlight/Taillight. I'm usually carrying other things and it might be the Boy Scout in me that i always like to be prepared.. I like to switch bikes alot and dont even worry about having multiple seat bags .
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Always! 2 spare tubes and a patch kit in the seat bag. Either a frame pump on the bike or a mini pump in my pocket. But then I live 10 miles from the nearest gas station and most of my rides take me even farther away.

If you do decide to rely on gas stations you still have to carry the tube and/or the patch kit since the station isn't going to have a bicycle tube for you. If you are using tubes with presta valves you will need a presta valve adapter in order to fill your tires using the gas station compressor.
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The one time in recent memory that I got a flat was the day I forgot to grab the pump on the way out the door. Since I have a variety of tire sizes, I leave a tube in each seat bag and I have a small pouch for the tools that I swap between bikes.
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Thanks for all the great replies! Looks like I need to stock up.
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Why carry tire levers if you don't have a tube or pump?

On my light bikes, I'll carry a patch kit and either CO2 or a small Lezne pump, depending on whether it looks good on the bike or not. I also carry a multitool on all of my rides.

All of those things sit in a saddle bag.

Then I always bring my phone with me in my jersey pocket (road biking) or backpack (mountain biking) for emergencies.
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I typically ride miles from any kind of 'services'....so for me it's a pump, 3 spare tubes, levers, patch kit, multi-tool and a couple of Missing Links. Everything other than the pump easily fits in an Arundel Tubi bag.
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I carry a tube and folding tire strapped with a toe strap around the rails of my saddle. I carry allens, tire irons and a patch kit in a water bottle. I put that in the seat tube cage and use just one bottle for water. And my trusty silca pump. This is for "circuit" rides that don't get further than 6-7 miles from my house. For longer rides, I use a trunk bag with even more stuff (i.e, CO2 pump, chain tool, extra quick links, multi tool, spoke wrench, two more tubes etc.). Never had to call for a ride due to a mechanical.
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Small saddlebag. Tube, patch kit, CO2 with "the shiny object" from PDW, levers, hex wrenches, a couple of small screwdrivers. Probably underequipped, but haven't yet learned the hard way.
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I had a saddle bag.... somewhere.

But, I find a small backpack (or a larger one) is handy. Toss a tube, pump, and a few tools down in the bottom of it. The pump I've been using lately has a storage compartment in the handle that works for a patch kit. I could probably squeeze tire levers in it too. I usually don't need them, but my recent RS-10 wheels are TIGHT. "tubeless ready".
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For my commuting rides, I have a trunk bag that is basically a full tool and repair kit for the entire bike. For tire issues, in addition to levers, a pump and spare tube, it has a patch kit and folding bead tire.
For my pleasure rides, I have a small stem bag with spare tube, Lezyne patches, levers, mini pump, and basic tools for the rest of the bike.
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Seat bag, new tube, patch kit, tire levers and snacks. There is a mini-pump attached to bottle cage.
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Carradice zipped roll saddle bag for me. Easy and plenty of space for lunch.

In my serious cyclist days a tube and little Rema patch kit would have been in a back jersey pocket. However I rarely rode clinchers. Typically I was on sew ups, with the spare strapped under the seat.
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I've seen no mention of a tire boot, as well as spare tube and patches.
I've used boots twice, once when I was 20 miles from home.
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With class.

Bag 050 by iabisdb, on Flickr

Bag 055 by iabisdb, on Flickr

Frejus085 by iabisdb, on Flickr

Cinelli_Model_B 057 by iabisdb, on Flickr
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If I'm feeling particularly bold I'll go out with just a spare tube, tire levers and a couple of CO2 cartridges. The CO2 functions mostly as a talisman to ward off punctures. I really don't ever want to have to use it. If I'm riding alone I prefer to have a pump. If I have a pump I will generally also bring a patch kit, though like the CO2 I hope not to need it. Whenever possible I use the spare tube and patch the bad one at home.
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What??? Only 2 wheels?
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Good answers, and about what I'd expect. Just about everybody who is anybody (and that's just about everybody) carries something. But you asked where.

I used to carry just a patch kit and frame pump. (A full-size frame pump is indispensable!) Then after one flat the neighbor I was riding with pointed out how everybody else carries a spare tube. It took me 40-some years to learn that. Oh well, carry a tube means no time spent searching for the hole and patching. A patch kit is a fallback for (heaven forbid) a second flat. But you asked where.

It varies with the bike. All my bikes have a handlebar bag. The Bianchi has a small Jannd seat bag with a spare tube, tire irons, patch kit, power bar for when I inevitably hit low blood sugar on my commute home. The handlebar bag carries a tire jack which is too big for the seat bag. The other bikes carry tube, patch kit, irons, and for some a tire jack, in the handlebar bag. Some of the handlebar bags have mesh side pockets, so the various tire thingies go there if possible to give me more room for lunch!
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You carry tire levers but no tube? Isn't that like drinking tomatoe juice without the Vodka?

If the bike doesn't have a bag I just carry the tube and my tools (rolled in an old washcloth turned rag) in a jersey pocket. The fuller your pockets the cooler you look right?
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