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s70rguy 05-31-05 02:09 PM

mid 70s Miyata, top of the line?
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I got interested in this bike because of the stem with the ‘holes’ in it; couldn’t make out much more in the pic in the ad. And the price was 25 euro’s, that too of course.

What did I get: a fully first generation, black anodized Dura Ace/Crane equipped Miyata bike (less front hub), with that lovely SR two bolt seatpost and the mysterious ‘superlight’ SR Royal stem. Unfortunately the whole assembly is in a sorry state. Been left out in the rain too often I suppose.

The vintage would be 1977, or possibly 1976: the seatpost says 76.10, the cranks have the letters ‘Z B’ on them. This could even a 1975 production run.

Now here’s the interesting part. I was ready to chuck the frame as so much more scrap metal, until I had a better look:
. steep geometry: 74 or even 75 degree parallel frame, 58 c-t, 56,5 c-c (exactly my size!!), 985 mm wheelbase
. vertical rear drop outs
. lugs with cut outs
. nice rear brake bridge
. bb shell with extensive cut outs
. it feels pretty light!
The only indication of the quality of the tubing are the stickers on the front forks: ‘4140 chrome molybdenum’.
Would anyone hazard a guess as to the type and quality of the tubing, and the frame as a whole? To me it’s obviously a better quality build than the usual run of the mill mass-produced (Koga) Miyata. However, is it hand built? Is it race quality?

This bike is from the Netherlands, but is pre-Koga, so I hope that the US based Miyata experts can help me on this one! Have a look at the pics, tell me your thoughts!

T-Mar 05-31-05 03:35 PM

What you have is the top of line 1977 Miyata. In 1975 and 1976 it called the MX-P (P=pro?). The 1975 and 1976 are quite similar to yours, though they have chrome only of the dropout flats, there are nine holes in the bottom bracket and two round holes in each lug. They came only in orange.

Components are the same, though yours seems to have a more lightening holes and black anodizing. The frame material was 4140, double butted CrMo like yours. I haven't seen any source reference the manufacturer and this was prior to Miyata's development of their own foundry. Based on Miyata's later association with Tange, they are the most likely candidate.

It is a wonderful find! The top model from the best of the high volume Japanese manufacturers. Professional level and almost certainly hand made. I wish it was mine! Thank-you very much for posting and sharing.

s70rguy 06-01-05 03:22 PM

Thanks very much, t-mar, you made my day! Assuming you got your info from a catalogue, could you send me a scan (PM)? Would be a big help when the time of restoration comes around.

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