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alk 06-01-05 09:03 AM

suntour superbe pro indexed

This is probably pushing the limits of what one could call vintage, but I'll ask anyway.

I have a few questions about the Superbe Pro group that seems to be so universally well-regarded here. I understand that Suntour made an indexed version of this group for a little while in the late 1980s before their demise (if not you can disregard the rest of my questions). If so, are those as high-quality and desirable as the earlier friction shifters? What year did the switch to indexed occur, and is there an easy way to tell which one a bike has without examining the bike in person (I'm referring to ads online, of course)? For example, would a 7-speed indicate indexed shifting?



John E 06-01-05 04:57 PM

My 1988 SunTour thumb shifters are labeled "Accu-Shift" and have "index" and "friction" settings clearly marked on the cover plate. Perhaps the downtube Superbe Pro levers have something analogous. Almost all of the earlier indexed systems had friction modes.

skdsl 06-01-05 08:12 PM

my ~89 superbe pro downtube shifters have the ratcheting friction mode ,7 speed and 6 speed settings.

alk 06-02-05 10:49 AM

After a little research, I have discovered that Suntour introduced their indexing system in 1987, calling it "Accushift." I hear that Superbe Pro indexed shifters compared very favorably to high-end Shimano SIS systems, once the first few kinks were worked out. If anyone's interested, here are some informative sites:

The history of Suntour --
A photo gallery of Suntour components (partly in Japanese) --

Mhendricks 01-03-08 11:22 AM

Originally Posted by skdsl (Post 1217598)
my ~89 superbe pro downtube shifters have the ratcheting friction mode ,7 speed and 6 speed settings.

I have a question "Did they ever make these in a 8 speed index mode?" I have the opportunity to buy a NOS 8 speed hub set of Suntour Superbe Pro and cassette.

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