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Todd Richards 06-01-05 01:35 PM

Need geometry for 56cm (86?) BAsso Loto frame
I've contacted Basso in Italy and they were NOT AT ALL helpful, claiming this information was 'closed' and not available. My bike is a '86 (?) Basso Loto (Columbus slx tubing) 56. It has a 56.5 tt but I need the seat and head angle to help me order a new custom Independant Fabrication. Any idea where I can get gemetry chart for the old Basso?

luker 06-01-05 10:01 PM

your lbs may have a frame protractor...or you can trace the frame on a piece of butcher paper and measure the tracing with a conventional compass...I have a big homemade protractor for extracting wall angles for trim and drywall, just two oak strips and a wingnut with washers. I can use my framing square to get the angle from the protractor to set the saw. Something like this should work for a bike frame as well...

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