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fritz1255 06-02-05 05:56 AM

1960's Era Jaubert
I have a 1960's era 10-speed that I am trying to research, but have found very little. Apparently a very obscure brand. Please follow this link to pictures: A few examples have turned up, but does anybody know anything about the company that made these?

C.M. Gustafson 07-30-07 06:57 PM

Hey. I've got the exact same bike in metallic green with white stencilled logo. It's in great shape with all the original parts. Crazy!

Rabid Koala 07-30-07 09:29 PM

You were over limit on your bandwidth, the pic isn't available right now.

I had one of those. I bought it off a friend who was moving back in 1974. He got it at White Front (a discount chain) in the late 60's for $49.95

It was purple, had a Huret Svelto derailleur, steel rims with small flange hubs with wing nuts, and the name in stencil on the downtube. The headbadge was a foil decal with a the name and the Eiffel Tower on it.

I am anxious to see the picture

Rabid Koala 07-30-07 10:10 PM

Tried again, the pictures worked!

The forks look like a replacement from a Raleigh. Your description of the headbadge (headsticker?) agrees with mine.

I wish I knew more. I can only speculate as to why White Front was selling them-they seemed to buy out odd lots and close outs. I got a genuine Wham-O Wheelie Bar there for a few dollars when they originally sold for $20. I wonder if they bought a whole load of them from a distressed wholesaler or something. The one I had was no great work of art, but plenty respectable in light of its contemporaries. I kept mine only a short while and sold it to a friend. Shortly thereafter it was stolen. That was the last one I had seen or heard of until your post.

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