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lotek 06-02-05 08:45 AM

New Acquisition. . .strange paint
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In my persuit of all things Dutch (well all bike things)
I've wanted a De Reus, very nice bikes, established
builder, proven history.
So, There's an advertisement in a Dutch classified
site and with some assistance I persue it.
I end up with what has to be the most
bizarre paint scheme I have ever seen!
Matches a club jersey.
And I always thought the Dutch were a
staid, conservative people, what did I know?

TheOtherGuy 06-02-05 09:00 AM

I like it... Very cool to have the matching jersey.

ofofhy 06-02-05 09:00 AM

What's up with one chain stay being chrome, the other painted???

timmhaan 06-02-05 09:05 AM

that frame looks awesome. you'll have a very unique bike once you build it and i'm sure you'll get a lot of comments to. what a great find. enjoy.

TheOtherGuy 06-02-05 09:06 AM

The chrome is less susceptible to being chipped by chainslap, and it's less work to chrome (actually prep for chroming - polish between layers & all) only the one side.

Hey Marty - is that frame late '80s vintage? One of these days, I'll take some pics of my Cycles Bontekoe for you. Maybe trade material...?

lotek 06-02-05 09:50 AM

From what I've been told it's 93 or 94 vintage.
I've got a few more pics (alot really) but they
are huge.
I'd like to see the Cycles Bontekoe. I have some old
(going back to 1937) dutch literature (thanks s70rguy!)
from Joco, most of the other builders had little more than
a printed A4 piece of paper (from what I can tell).

I'm beefing up my "Dutch" collection for
Cirque next year (Bikes of the Benelux).


suntreader 06-02-05 04:37 PM

Originally Posted by lotek
And I always thought the Dutch were a
staid, conservative people,

Normally we are. Apparently somebody's been spending too much time in the coffee shops.

I think it's an interesting paint job, though. Very fast looking.

frameteam2003 06-02-05 05:54 PM

Mix yellow paint with blue paint,Ya get green.I like the way the paint goes yellow to green to blue.That's very cool---sam

brokenrobot 06-02-05 07:21 PM

Beautiful. Weird, but beautiful. ;) Congrats!

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