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Bartuo 06-18-17 11:59 AM

Bianchi... - but what model and year?
I bought some time ago Bianchi bike. Old one. It is not fully original, but I still like it. This is a bike equipped with fenders and trunk - this is a tourist Bianchi, I think.

For weeks I've been wondering how many years he can be. And what's the name of this model? I was looking through old catalogs from the 80's, but I did not find anything like it. There are not too many tourist Bianchi bikes...

There is a remnant of word ,,COR..." on the frame, so maybe this is CORSA or something? The serial number starts with the digit 7.

I am wondering about this bike. Will you help me discover his name and age?

THANKS! Bartek.

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