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WillBradley1 07-19-17 10:42 AM

Centerpull Brake & Rim compatability advice
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Hey there,

I saw this poor old norwegian DBS bike rotting away, asked the owner and they were grateful for me to attempt to give it a new life... Im not very knowledgable so its a project for me to learn off and enjoy. Im very fond of it already! Photos should be attached :)

It still has its sachs torpedo rear hub (1960) and originally i think it had a drum brake front brake... I want to have two brakes on it for safety, and there is no caliper attachment at the front.

So my choices are either try and source a 26" front wheel with a drum brake, which at first look proves expensive and rare, compares with trying to set up a centerpull brake on the rear wheel and just get a normal front wheel.

Will this thing at the back take a centerpull brake on the rear?
Would this rim work with centerpull brake? It looks flat enough, but not like my other bike rims that are made for it...
Is it bad to have the two brakes acting on the same wheel?


WillBradley1 07-19-17 10:48 AM

3speedslow 07-19-17 10:50 AM

Not familiar with this model. If you have a CP brake, or access to one, put it on and see.

WillBradley1 07-19-17 11:02 AM

If it was possible to fit, do you think CP brakes would brake safely on that rim?

SJX426 07-19-17 11:12 AM

No. The rear will not accommodate a CP brake. The reach is too long from the bridge to the rim.

Is there a mounting hole on the fork crown?

You can have as many brakes on a wheel as you like. The challenge is to get one that works well enough that you don't need others.

WillBradley1 07-19-17 11:25 AM

Thanks for replies :)

There isnt a hole on the fork... i read on sheldon browns that drilling was an option but i would rather avoid that...

So the only option is to source a drum brake front wheel? Which would be the original setup, I like that.

3alarmer 07-19-17 11:57 AM

...wait until you get to doing something with the Fauber crank. :) Good times. Somewhere on here there's a thread on those you can find with Google where I posted an exploded view of the one on my Golden Star. Drum brake hubs are easier to find than the built wheel in your size, so this is a good time for you to learn wheelbuilding.

63rickert 07-20-17 06:49 PM

Sturmey has current production drum brake hubs that are reasonably priced. You get to build your own wheel.

As long as you have most of your weight on the rear wheel, (looks like that bike is set up that way) live where it is very flat, and ride at the speed that bike was made for a rear coaster hub is safe.

juvela 07-21-17 08:02 AM


Thanks for posting this Sandnes cykkel!

The forum has had several discussion threads on DBS bicycles. If interested, you could use the search function to bring them up. Company still going today but no longer does manufacturing.

Are the seat stay braze-ons mounting points for a wheel lock?

Similar arrangement on a Crescent bicycle -

Monark (MCB) advert of '74 for a mechanism of their design -


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