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Tandem Tom 09-27-17 03:20 PM

Center Pull Straddle Cable?
I am using Dia Compe 750 center pull brakes on a mixte project. For the rear brake setup I need a long straddle cable to go around the seat post. Anyone know of a source for these?

icepick_trotsky 09-27-17 03:22 PM

Can't you just use a mountain bike brake cable? Or does it have to be double ended?

icepick_trotsky 09-27-17 03:28 PM

These are pretty long:

Tandem Tom 09-27-17 04:40 PM

It needs to be double ended.

Vintage_Cyclist 09-27-17 05:05 PM

Vintage Weinmann,Dia Compe Brake Center Pull Straddle Cables 110mm F320mm R.NOS | eBay

Tandem Tom 09-27-17 05:10 PM

Vintage Cyclist, I saw those!! BUT them seem to be like he's teeth. Wondering now is there a way to "modify" the brake some how to use a pinch bolt?

Vintage_Cyclist 09-27-17 05:16 PM

This one might work if you cut off the extension on the one side.

smoothness 09-27-17 06:37 PM

you want this: straddle cable nut.

there are other places to buy it if you're anti-Rivendell.

thumpism 09-27-17 07:43 PM

Use a brake cable cut to the length you need, and go to NAPA or another FLAPS and get a set screw-type cable end.

Lascauxcaveman 09-27-17 07:45 PM

Originally Posted by Vintage_Cyclist (Post 19891765)
This one might work if you cut off the extension on the one side.

I tried that on my wife's mixte - the end I trimmed the little triangle off of popped off the cable the first time I tried the brake :( Not recommended.

Also search the net/eBay for 'knarps' basically a pinchbolt to make a custom length cable, used by BMXers since time began.

Tandem Tom 09-28-17 06:09 AM

I think you rang the bell!!!!!!

John E 09-28-17 09:28 AM

Thumism's suggestion does look like a great solution. Those of us with regular Weinmann or DiaCompe centerpulls can use it, as well, with the added benefit of being able to vary the tradeoff between leverage and pad closure rate. My straddle cables are starting to look a bit rusty, so I am going to try this when I replace them. Buy a regular double-ended full length brake cable, cut off what you need from the barrel end, and keep the longer piece of cable, with the teardrop end, for use as a regular brake cable with drop bars.

Salamandrine 09-28-17 10:01 AM

I have a pair of the official Dia Compe cable ends. They do work. I got them to experiment with different length cables to change MA, until I decided the standard length works best.

Tandem Tom 09-28-17 02:21 PM

Stop by NAPA today and they only had 1 size and the diameter was too large.

Jeff Wills 09-28-17 10:20 PM

Originally Posted by Tandem Tom (Post 19894064)
Stop by NAPA today and they only had 1 size and the diameter was too large.

Try a place that repairs motorcycles or lawn mowers. It's a common piece for attaching a throttle control to a carburetor.

bwilli88 09-30-17 03:03 AM

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I know I have one in my storage in Lancaster Pa but I cannot get to it. I will see if my Daughter can get it out of the boxes. It is from a Peugeot Mixte I picked up out of the trash that had Mafac Racers on it.

Tandem Tom 09-30-17 06:49 AM

Problem solved!! A fellow 650b'er gave me 2 round knarps. Very similar to the one that Rivendell sells.
Thanks for all the replies!

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