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Grantk108 11-20-17 12:20 PM

Seeking information on Sekai bicycle
Probably 30 years ago, I bought a Sekai bike from a guy I worked with. It is a very light weight 18 speed, with the following serial number stamped on the bottom. M3B04239. It also has a sticker "Champion #1 Butted Tube. and Tange Industries. I don't use it anymore and would like to know more about the bike. I do plan on selling this, as I don't go riding any more.

Aubergine 11-20-17 01:02 PM

Does the bike show a model number, such as 2500 or 4000? Can you identify the parts on the bike? Tange Champion 1 was a good tubing and suggests a higher end bike.

cdmurphy 11-20-17 01:13 PM

Your Sekai was almost certainly produced by the Japanese firm Miki in 1983. With the Champion #1 tubing, it's probably their 4000 model, or possibly the 5000. The 4000 was more or less the same as the Centurion Semi Pro, with Tange #1 up until ~1979. After that, the Semi Pro went to Tange #2. I'm not sure about the Sekai 4000 around the time of your bike. The late 70's Sekai 5000 used Tange Professional, an even lighter tubeset, but may have switched to #1 by the time of your bike.

If you want to sell it here on BikeForums, you need to buy a subscription to this forum, which will let you post sale ads in the "Classic and Vintage Sales" sub forum. It doesn't cost much, and will get you pretty wide audience of bike nerds :-)

You might want to start a thread in the "Appraisals" forum, with some detailed photos. The value will depend heavily on the condition of the bike, it's components, and your local market. (Big metro areas often drive prices 2x higher than sparser rural markets.)

T-Mar 11-22-17 08:13 AM

Agreed, it's 1983 model but there's some conflicting information. Champion #1 points to a Superbe Road but it didn't use a triple crankset. A Grand Tour is the best candidate for an OEM triple crankset but it was spec'd with a Champion #2 tubeset. As previously requested, pictures and/or brands and models of the major components would be a big help.

oddjob2 11-22-17 09:06 AM

Below is a 4000 model given to me from a woman whom bought a refurbished Peugeot mixte from me. It wasn't a trade, se wanted a decent home for it. It is in a small stash of frames awaiting a quote for powder coating that doesn't break my wallet. The Ann Arbor powder coater wanted about $140 per frame, which is out of my realm.

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