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noglider 12-05-17 07:44 PM

December is black bike month
I hereby declare December to be Black Bike Month.

Show us your black bikes.

OldsCOOL 12-05-17 07:48 PM

‘88 Cannondale Criterium Series

KonAaron Snake 12-05-17 07:52 PM

cb400bill 12-05-17 07:56 PM

My old Miyata 312

bnewberry 12-05-17 07:58 PM

Trek 640
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With apologies for the funky handlebar setup. That gets corrected this winter.

Velocivixen 12-05-17 08:05 PM

I hope this works. Trying this from an iPad via Flickr. Let's try this again. Nishiki Riviera Mixte by velocivixen, on Flickr Nishiki Riviera Mixte by velocivixen, on Flickr Nishiki Riviera Mixte by velocivixen, on Flickr Nishiki Riviera Mixte by velocivixen, on Flickr Nishiki Riviera Mixte by velocivixen, on Flickr

clubman 12-05-17 08:09 PM

noglider 12-05-17 08:26 PM

Wow, you folks had these ready for the thread to open, didntcha?

1962 Rudge Sports
I ride this once a year at my mother in law's place in Florida, where I keep it.

Cougrrcj 12-05-17 08:32 PM

Here's a too-small one I sold a few years back... I had bought it a a garage sale for $75, and thought about stripping it of components to move to a larger frame, but this one probably had less than a couple hundred miles on it...

Velognome 12-05-17 09:02 PM

due ruote 12-05-17 09:08 PM

Velognome 12-05-17 09:11 PM

jpaschall 12-05-17 10:10 PM

I love black bikes. Black and chrome are tough to beat aesthetically in my book. Sadly I am without one currently.

rideandgoseek 12-05-17 10:12 PM

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My 1981 RIH sitting creekside.

After acquiring this bike a few months ago I did some research and found that there was but one bike shop in US that was importing RIH bikes, the now defunct 'Big Wheel Ltd' which was located at 340 Holly St in Denver, CO and run by Chris and Jack Vangent. I'm really curious as to how many were actually sold in the US. Regardless, it is hands down one of my favorites.

Here's a link to some more pics that I took the day after I got it. Note the saddle swap

McBTC 12-05-17 10:19 PM

with white saddles?

CV-6 12-05-17 10:35 PM

A going away photo of Raleigh 753 Team Pro SB1016. Going to a new home in California. Team Pro 753 SB1016 by L Travers, on Flickr

Chombi1 12-06-17 12:20 AM

Black bikes??!
For the longest time, that's all I had in my stable.....

Doesn't help when I had such a binge for "graphite" bikes in the past few years.....:rolleyes:
But since then I had learned to love blue and red bikes too!:D

Andy_K 12-06-17 01:07 AM

Not quite as nice as my Orange bike month entry.

Lascauxcaveman 12-06-17 01:31 AM

I would think December would be green and red and white bike month, but here' my oft-modified Lambert to wish everyone a Black Xmas...

(ho ho ho)

jetboy 12-06-17 01:46 AM

only have one black but its pretty

jetboy 12-06-17 01:47 AM

Originally Posted by Velognome (Post 20035765)

YES shorty fenders!

thumpism 12-06-17 07:47 AM

All gone now and no pix, but we had my PX-10 and my wife's resprayed Mercier mixte and her Cannondale Black Lightning.

rccardr 12-06-17 07:55 AM

Just a couple:

nlerner 12-06-17 08:02 AM

1973 Raleigh Competition

1953 Rudge Sports

1970s RHS Cycles

Wildwood 12-06-17 08:11 AM

1982 Holdsworth Special...
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....rebranded as an Irish Harding

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