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Styggno1's 2017 bike chronicle

Classic & Vintage This forum is to discuss the many aspects of classic and vintage bicycles, including musclebikes, lightweights, middleweights, hi-wheelers, bone-shakers, safety bikes and much more.

Styggno1's 2017 bike chronicle

Old 12-26-17, 09:08 AM
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Bikes: A lot - accumulated over +30 years

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Styggno1's 2017 bike chronicle

Summing up the year 2017 – bike wise.

This year has seen quite some action in my hobby work shop. I do have some different hobbies and/but they are used for different purposes. The bikes are a practical tinkering-aesthetic feel good hobby.

In my line of work there are no closures. It just goes on forever and ever. Because of that it is nice (or rather – crucial) to have a hobby in which I can get the satisfaction of actually finishing something. To be able to say to myself – “hey – look what I have done!”

2017 has seen some closures.

In January I got this fairly rare Merckx CorsaExtra, circa 1991-92, in Columbus Max tubing. It had mismatched wheels and some things in the build I wanted to “correct”. Somewhere in early July I had done the work. Got a front rim to match the rear, a Dura Ace stem and seatpost, a red Flite saddle and another handlebar, classic looking tires, etc.

Quality time with my home built time machine

In March a very unusual 1989 Masi 3Volumetrica “Milano” came my way. Bought as a bare frame I took my time to plan it and until June to finish it. With its bright red colour and white details - C-record parts it sure stands out. I built the wheel with polished Campagnolo Lambda rims and the somewhat coveted C-record high flange hubs – and it was pure joy doing it.

1989 Masi 3Volumetrica - with a twist

In July I finished a project that I am very, very pleased with aesthetically. A late 80ies Geliano 115S with mostly Mavic components – with a ZAP derailleur system as the main attraction (apart from the frame of course). No other bike on my flickr-site has triggered more attention than this.

Geliano 115 S with C-record or Mavic...

In August I finished my 1989 Colnago Master Piu project. A frame that I have had since new finally got resurrected to its rightful standard. It was about time.

1989 Colnago Master Piu build thread

My 1989 Bridgestone finally got its (almost) last part – a front derailleur. With that in place I could start using the bike. The frame is a -89 and for a long time I tried to get the right parts for it. In the end I changed my plan and got a donor bike with most of a 1994 XT group. The front derailleur did not fit and it took some time to get the right one. What is it about the “almost” above…? Well there is something in me that need to change those LX cranks to XT…

That concludes the build ups but there were some other things going on this year also. Small but important (to me). That will be in part II.
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Old 12-26-17, 09:08 AM
Steel is real
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Bikes: A lot - accumulated over +30 years

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Part II

Both these bikes got rid of their black side wall tires that had shamed them. They look very much better with tan wall tires.

I took a knife to a Swift titanium saddle to get it to look proper.



I started a three Bianchi projects – one 70ies Bianchi Specialissima frame finish project, a 1974 Bianchi Specialissima complete bike project and a late 60ies Bianchi Specialissima restoration.

The first two in this thread (August):

Bianchi Specialissma(s) project thread

Small frame:

Not so small (right size for me):

And the 60ies here (September):

Late 60's Bianchi Specialissima project thread

In November I got some parts for my 10V down tube shifter fun project:

Campag 10V down tube shifter retro-fun

That concludes 2017 bike wise for me.

Looking forward to 2018 and some more finished projects.

Thank you BF and Happy New Years to you all!
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Old 12-26-17, 09:25 AM
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Yeah, that's a pretty good year.

Nice work!
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Old 12-26-17, 09:40 AM
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Quite a year in review.

I only downsized. Funny thing is, I see that as a good thing (I know, I speak heresy ).
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Old 12-26-17, 09:46 AM
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Bikes: are fun!

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Your posts always impress. Nice work!
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Old 12-26-17, 09:51 AM
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Geliano. I can see why it got the most attention.

Let me guess, you like red?
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Old 12-26-17, 11:17 AM
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Bikes: A few

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And Flite saddles!
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Old 12-26-17, 02:45 PM
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Bikes: Bikes??? Thought this was social media?!?

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I could post my 2017 bikes, but would be shamed in comparison.
Beautiful frames, C-Record, Mavic Zap, drilled Campag crankset, Deltas, etc.

You had a truly GREAT 2017 - congratulations.
And the bigger ones would fit me.

Barends on an Eddy are new to me, maybe more Merckx models on your side of the pond.
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Old 12-26-17, 05:05 PM
Shifting is fun!
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Bikes: Yes, please.

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Nice work! Looking forward to more in 2018.
Will she ride the clunker? Look at granny run!

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Old 12-27-17, 07:10 AM
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Bikes: A lot - accumulated over +30 years

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Thank you all for your kind words.

Originally Posted by Wildwood View Post

Barends on an Eddy are new to me, maybe more Merckx models on your side of the pond.
Frames on this level were almost always sold as bare frames here in Europe. You could get whatever you wanted as equipment. No such thing as "catalog correct". What this frame got built with I do not know as I am not the original owner. I got it as a bara frame off ebay and built it to my needs and taste. I wanted a fairly modern set up but I did not want to go for brifters. As I have named it my credit card tourer I wanted some lazy shifting - hence the 10V indexing bar ends.

Flite saddles - yes, on anything close to 1991 (when the Flite was introduced) I often use Flites. They fit me perfectly.

The colour red - I do like it. However - the only frame I have actually been able to choose the colour on I got it painted in Champagne-silver (a Masi I ordered in Milano in 2010). The 1989 Colnago Master Piu frame I have had since new but it was bought in a shop - not ordered especially for me. At the time I just wanted a Colnago. They only had a red one in my size.

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Old 12-27-17, 09:04 AM
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That is one great year of bicycle preservation and restoration, your polishing on components is first rate and truly makes things pop in the pictures of your conquests for 2017. Should be an interesting 2018 from that part of Scandinavia.

Semper Fi, USMC, 1975-1977

I Can Do All Things Through Him, Who Gives Me Strength. Philippians 4:13

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Old 12-27-17, 01:33 PM
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Every one of them is great.
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Old 12-30-17, 11:03 AM
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Hey Stygg, where are the Bianchi Protos!?!
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Old 12-30-17, 11:23 AM
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So much drool quality in this thread. Nice collection!!!!
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Old 12-30-17, 11:29 AM
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That's a great year. I love the photo with the Bianchi on the old school indoor wind trainer. Those things were noisy. My dad still has his and it's at least 30 yrs old
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