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Straightblock 01-03-18 07:49 PM

Olmo Firenze with white garage door.

Edit: I just noticed the long brake cables. I've shortened them since this picture was taken.

Roger M 01-03-18 08:27 PM

My favorite bike(belonging to me)

3alarmer 01-03-18 08:29 PM

Torelli Super Strada and a PX-10
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...I have a white 80's Paramount, but the photos won't load.:(

Steve Whitlatch 01-03-18 08:46 PM

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oddjob2 01-03-18 09:27 PM

I found some others in my stash.

ModeratedUser17082018 01-04-18 12:38 AM

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My white bike - a 1997 Trek 730 MultiTrack. Bought it to be my beater bike, but after some cleaning, lubing and adjusting - and customizing - it's become my favorite ride. It's a clean machine.

RobbieTunes 01-04-18 06:18 AM

Originally Posted by AZORCH (Post 20088743)
The one and only CF frame I've ever owned.


rccardr 01-04-18 07:53 AM

A few tidy whities:
Robbie and IAB should remember this one. We spent a long weekend together in Wisconsin in July 2014:

And, of course, Schwinnderella:

jimmuller 01-04-18 08:04 AM

Originally Posted by noglider (Post 20088149)
Is that like running out of integers?

No. Color is a continuous property. Integers are not continuous, merely infinite in number.

Originally Posted by Chombi1 (Post 20088392)
Huh!,..... Where the heck are all the Peugeots??!

We have a few already but most are white with black lugs. We need more with white lugs:

FWIW, it is now snowing. All the bikes are snug in their beds with visions of sugarplums in their headsets.

repechage 01-04-18 08:59 AM

Originally Posted by Andy_K (Post 20088248)
I'm looking forward to periwinkle-with-just-a-hint-of-chartreuse bike month.

But for now, here's my white-with-rust-highlights 1973 Nishiki Olympic.

My winter project is to rebuild this as a 1x6 with a flat bar and a bunch of components I've collected over multiple cullings from the Box O' Crap. My stretch goal is to clean up the rust and touch up the paint. If I like the way it rides I might even get it powder coated and re-decaled.

Reminds me of assembling these at the bike shop I worked for long ago. Not a bad fixed gear choice. Esge kickstands for them were cut at 285 line, most European bikes at 265. Reason was the Japanese did not want pedal strike lawsuits.

Pompiere 01-04-18 09:24 AM

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Originally Posted by Lazyass (Post 20088343)
This will be the least desirable bike in this thread, but I bought it brand new 21 years ago for $1200 and it's probably the best fitting ride I've ever had. 17lbs with a 6400 group.

Challenge accepted! $5 Huffy Techtra. With Paselas, it doesn't ride horribly, although it's too small. Weight isn't an issue here in the flat lands.

oddjob2 01-04-18 10:18 AM

Neglected by me for 4 years, paid $35, refurbished last month, but not dialed in. The new Ergo grips are very comfortable on flat bar MTBs.

2cam16 01-04-18 10:34 AM by 2cam16, on Flickr

76SLT 01-04-18 01:18 PM

My white Crescent Competition 318

non-fixie 01-04-18 03:07 PM

Originally Posted by AZORCH (Post 20088743)
Neat Mercier that I sort of wish I still had around.

I can see why. Wonderful classic "colorway".

non-fixie 01-04-18 03:11 PM

Found another white one, and not even a Raleigh. My Atala Clunker 100 Challenge contender from a few years back:

RobbieTunes 01-04-18 04:52 PM

Originally Posted by rccardr (Post 20089351)

Robbie and IAB should remember this one. We spent a long weekend together in Wisconsin in July 2014:

Oh, yeah. Miles on paths, hill and dale. In fact, Hollandale. Was my vote for Best in Show at Bartali.

2cam16 01-04-18 05:50 PM

I forgot about my Mercier frame. A wall art for me. by 2cam16, on Flickr

gomango 01-04-18 05:52 PM

I can see why you like it.

It's gorgeous.

Originally Posted by Roger M (Post 20088901)

jimmuller 01-04-18 05:53 PM

Did that title say white-bike month or white bike-month?

jamesdak 01-04-18 06:16 PM

Not sure if these count but they are mostly white.

1989 Giordana Antares:

And the newly built up 1989 Centurion Ironman Expert:

CO_Hoya 01-04-18 06:33 PM

Originally Posted by non-fixie (Post 20088597)
For some reason all my white bikes seem to be Raleighs.

Here's one that I passed along to a co-worker years ago, a Raleigh Grand Sports with mustache bars:

Guess it's actually white and blue.

PilotFishBob 01-04-18 07:48 PM

Speaking of Grand Sports...

Charliekeet 01-04-18 09:07 PM

About a foot of white outside right now...
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But hereís my 1989 Trek 1000. My first aluminum road bike, and Iím liking it. Liking the bright white paint too.

Next steps are dealing with paint scuffs, better pedals, and new tires, preferably in 28... itís got 25mm now. Anyone know for certain whether 28s will work on these frames? I have some 32s lying around and thereís no way those are gonna happen...

fleslider 01-04-18 11:26 PM

its mostly white... as close to an all white bike as i have..

1988 Centurion Ironman Master

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