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paulkal 01-08-18 05:00 AM

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I like white bikes. Here is mine, 25 years old this year. My most comfortable bike.

m_sasso 01-08-18 07:34 AM

My Koga Miyata Superwinner, winter/rain ride now with fenders.

PilotFishBob 01-08-18 12:27 PM

A Grand Prix mixte I built up for my sister as a surprise Christmas gift. Couldn't actually see her for Christmas so on a November visit I left it with my other sister who lives much nearer (I'm a few states to the west). The intended recipient finally got it this weekend, was duly surprised and I understand it went over well. I have this in a separate post on my experience removing a dent from the headtube. Fun!

amedias 01-08-18 12:49 PM

My Singular Osprey Audax/Rando machine :-)

oddjob2 01-08-18 01:11 PM

@noglider, what is February's color?

noglider 01-08-18 02:59 PM

Originally Posted by oddjob2 (Post 20097795)
@noglider, what is February's color?

Pink or purple or a combination thereof.

dweenk 01-08-18 03:16 PM

May I suggest green for March?

noglider 01-08-18 03:44 PM

Originally Posted by dweenk (Post 20098121)
May I suggest green for March?

Sure. Please suggest it here. Bicycle Colors of the Year

dweenk 01-08-18 04:11 PM

Originally Posted by noglider (Post 20098186)
Sure. Please suggest it here. Bicycle Colors of the Year

Looks like I don't need to. Going back through older posts, I am thinking that green is the color of March.

phenry24 01-08-18 04:40 PM

Here's my white bike

bertinjim 01-08-18 05:24 PM

A Carre/Bertin C 37. It's white and it is January.


LarryBSky 01-10-18 12:11 PM


jimmuller 01-10-18 06:39 PM

This one isn't entirely white. But whats the heck, it isn't a drive-side pic either.

USAZorro 01-20-18 01:17 PM

Had to finish up my longest-running small project before the month was over thanks to this thread. I have four celebrants.

Shadowfax still needs the proper bar-end plug, but it's close enough for this thread. Repainted 1970 Raleigh Professional. Paint by the one-time denizen of C&V, Dr. Deltron.

My "war horse", who I just noticed is getting to be in need of a good overall cleaning and refreshing - 1972 Fuji Finest

My "Horse with no name" (or at least no visible serial number), 197x Raleigh Grand Sports

And finally, the "baby" of the fleet, a 2000 Bob Jackson "Arrowhead". I intend to change that hideous bar tape before winter is through.

top506 01-20-18 02:22 PM

Got this one covered x2.5:


76SLT 01-20-18 11:04 PM
73 Raleigh Grand Sports

Gary Fountain 01-20-18 11:45 PM

Colnago Total Spiral Conic SLX

Rollfast 01-20-18 11:57 PM

Still have to finish assembling my 1946 Shelby Traveler but it's trimmed in red.

Wildwood 01-21-18 07:20 AM

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Originally Posted by ollo_ollo (Post 20093669)
Sold, should have kept the Brooks Pro saddle!

IMHO, should have kept the Olympian.

Fahrenheit531 01-21-18 06:20 PM

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obrentharris 01-21-18 08:51 PM

Originally Posted by bertinjim (Post 20098380)
A Carre/Bertin C 37. It's white and it is January.


Very striking!

obrentharris 01-21-18 09:00 PM

My long-gone Colnago Super that was just a tad too small.

My current Raleigh Gran Sport which is definitely too small.

My Capo Sieger which was also too small and has recently found a new home.

My Centurion Pro Touring which is just right.


Oldguyonoldbike 01-22-18 11:30 AM

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1984 Batavus Professional

OldsCOOL 01-22-18 04:45 PM

Well, mostly white....
1987 Miyata 712 Competition.

cadman101 01-22-18 05:02 PM

we've been together for 45 years, much longer than my marriage lasted!

noglider 01-01-19 09:25 AM

It's January again and time for pictures of white bicycles again.

AZORCH 01-01-19 10:04 AM

I run my white '66 Paramount as a fixed wheel all winter long. In theory, it helps me to correct bad pedaling habits developed during the nicer months. In practice, I find I really just enjoy the simplicity of riding fixed on a regular basis.

rjhammett 01-01-19 10:09 AM

I guess I would consider this white. It is pearlescent.

Wildwood 01-01-19 10:43 AM

Repeat from last year. And unchanged. Full bike shot in post #79 .
All my pics of the AustroDaimler in the last year are 'on the road shots'. I love it.
Still the wet day bike, so it gets its' share of miles..

1981/82 AD Olympian. Purchased as f&f and cobbled into riding perfection.

gomango 01-01-19 10:43 AM

Originally Posted by rjhammett (Post 20727440)
I guess I would consider this white. It is pearlescent.

Such a beautiful bike!

How's the paint on yours? Durable?

The durability of the paint on my Sintesi is horrific, but it sure looks pretty from ten feet.

Also Bob, have you met the new guy at Grand Performance yet?

He may have built your frameset. Bring it by and ask him.

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