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icepick_trotsky 01-22-18 10:45 AM

Bianchi Superset II seat post
I have this Bianchi (well, not this one, but the same frame):

I'm missing a seat post. I know I should have digital calipers, but I don't. Sticker says "Superset II" tubing, like so:

Any ideas on post size? 27.2 is too large, by a little. I'll likely take it to the co-op and just start trying some, but maybe the brain trust already knows.

ThermionicScott 01-22-18 10:54 AM

Both my '87 and '91 "Superset" Bianchis take 26.6mm posts, but my '88 Premio (also labelled "Superset") takes a 27.2mm. I think "Superset" was more of a concept than a fixed set of specs, so it's always good to double-check. :thumb:

Bianchigirll 01-22-18 03:08 PM

All Bianchi frames were built with a Superset or Superset II tubesets. The down tube and chain stays were a heavier gauge tubing to improve the ride. On the Superset II frames they started using downtube that was ovalized at the B.B.

I suspect your post is 26.6 or 26.8. If someone has a 90/91 Volpe maybe they will check it for you.

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