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Fahrenheit531 03-21-18 08:58 AM

Boneshaker Race, London 1928.
I'm terrified, even 90 years later.
Spin man, SPIN!

Hell, I dunno. But bike racing has sure come a long way.

3speedslow 03-21-18 09:05 AM

They still race those in the London Nocturne series. Love watching the vids.

steelbikeguy 03-21-18 09:37 AM

pretty impressive, especially since it was 1928, and those bikes could have been older than the riders! They probably spent most of their time on safety bikes, so their abilities were even more remarkable.

There's an annual race of high wheelers in the D.C./Maryland area. All I recall for sure is that Larry Black has won it at times. He's a infrequent poster on the CR list. Now and then, someone will crash. It's bad enough falling from a safety bike; I can't imagine falling from the height of a high wheel bike.

Steve in Peoria

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