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AdventureManCO 03-30-18 04:18 PM

Nervex-lugged mystery bike!
*******EDIT: It's a Dawes Galaxy!*******

Hey guys!

I picked up this beauty this morning. She's a little rough around the edges, but has a bit of old world charm. I'm trying to solve the mystery. Who made it?

When researching lugs, I've found a few bikes that use this style of Nervex lug, but they seem pretty uncommon. The dropouts are telling me the bike is older, but I'm shooting into the wind on this one. The seat stays seem pretty unique and could be a givaway. There are no decals nor headbadge, but I took the measurements - pieces to the puzzle!

Any clues? The serial number is what appears to be 'R3003', stamped on the bottom bracket. The tubes and dropouts are also stamped with a number, like '5', or '0'. It looks like a more modern sealed BB and crankset, so I don't think it is French (wild guess). Italian?

An interesting bike, I can't wait to get some bar tape on it, a new tube in the front and give it a go.

So...anyone knows what the old girl is? Thanks!

bertinjim 03-30-18 04:27 PM


You have an early 1970s Dawes Galaxy. The crimped stay caps are distinctive.

juvela 03-30-18 05:01 PM


+1 :thumb:

Lug set NERVEX Nr. 45/159.

Crown Vagner DP.

Headset Brampton with floating u-races.

Frame 3-tube 531 plain gauge.

Missing head emblem -


3speedslow 03-30-18 05:41 PM

I concur!

AdventureManCO 03-30-18 06:34 PM

Dang guys! Thank you! I appreciate your collective knowledge! I don't know why the decals are would think that maybe it was repainted, but up close it looks decently original...who is to say though!

In any case, It looks like it may have some original components and some obvious new ones. I have no idea what I'm going to do with the bike...but it is super cool, so I will rotate it into the stable and try commuting on it and see how that goes for a while.

It sounds like Dawes cycles a relatively rare here in the US. Super nice to hear about the 531 tubes! Looks like honing in on those lugs was a good idea. Any thoughts on the stays?

I'm going to be doing some research on this cycle. Again, thank you!

(as I tear down and inspect, I'll provide more pictures)

juvela 03-30-18 06:41 PM


Definite respray, not one of the stock finishes. The two most frequently seen colours are green and brown. Yellow was also produced.

Bicycles quite common in U.S.

Blades and stays unspecified, i.e. seamed hi-tensile.

Headset, brakeset and possibly stem/bar set only original fittings.

Realmrider model very similar but did not have the chrome crown and stays. Built without Reynolds tubing.


3speedslow 03-30-18 07:37 PM

It makes a wonderful commuter. With luck, when you remove the fork you will see some original paint or maybe in the BB shell.

juvela 03-30-18 07:50 PM


wrt removing fork -

be careful. balls are loose & 1/8". races are loose as well. in this design the head cups have no bearing races. the races are separate and sit in them loosely.

tip -

you may wish to find a correct size saddle pillar for the bicycle so that the shim can be discarded.


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