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Bianchi4939 04-24-18 09:32 PM

Sachs 8 speed rear hubs
I have 2 rear 8 speed New Success hubs in boxes....what would they be worth?

kc0yef 04-25-18 01:53 AM

anywhere from $5 to $1000 depending:
on condition are they tore up or perfect or just nice or meh?
spoke holes how many 32? 36? More or less?
Are the bearings are still good
Are then New in the box? with the wax paper wrapping?
Used and laced once disassemble put back in the box?
What year are they on the date code?
Are they Freewheel Or Cassette?

Welcome to the Forums got a picture?

JaccoW 04-25-18 02:28 AM

Also, pictures.

Use an image host since you don't have 10 posts yet.

SJX426 04-25-18 07:19 AM


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