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miamibeachcg 05-19-18 10:35 PM

Can anyone tell a bike's maker from a frame?
Found this at a local thrift store. It has no maker's marks, badges or anything else that I can find. Can anyone tell who made it by the frame?

lasauge 05-19-18 10:54 PM

I've seen a number of frames from Japan that had the same lugs and fork crown. Is there a serial number under the bottom bracket?

Lascauxcaveman 05-20-18 12:34 AM

1978 to early 1980's Japanese-looking thing? The Arabesque running gear supports that theory. The scooped caps on the seat stay tops narrow it down, but I'm not sure in which direction.

big chainring 05-20-18 07:29 AM


T-Mar 05-20-18 08:11 AM

+1, Shimano 600EX, if OEM, would place it 1978-1983, however the presence of what appears to be Shimano EF dropouts would place it 1980-1983. The braze-on complement and cables running over the BB shell are also typical for the era. It is almost certainly Asian in origin. The serial number should tell us the exact manufacturing date and may identify the manufacturer.

miamibeachcg 05-22-18 04:38 AM

Sorry for delay in getting photo of serial number - we've had thunder storms here in Miami last few days & I couldn't take bike out to snap photo.
Looks like letter I167518?
I appreciate the help.

T-Mar 05-22-18 05:27 AM

Based on the serial number it could be either a 1981-1982 Bridgestone or a 1980 Miyata. Bridgestone appears to have been 100% SunTour during this period, so a Miyata 912 would be the best candidate. The frame features are an excellent match. Another possibility would be a 1980 Univega Gran Rally, as these were essentially a rebranded Miyata 912, using the same frame and Shimano 600EX components.

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