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WillBradley1 05-28-18 06:32 PM

Crank for 109mm Suntour Superbe pro BB
Hello! hopefully some pictures attached to this.

Ive been sourcing parts for this 1976 Benotto modello 1700 pista, very very excited! Unfortunately im broke so its a real budget build for now, can be upgraded over time If i manage to repaint the frame, its very chipped so currently going to just be a lethal high speed city bike for Copenhagen.

I already had a some somewhat nice enough shimano hubbed wheels, SR stem and seatpost and this basic SR crank (ive always liked the look of these standard ones for some reason) and from that I decided i liked the idea of it all being japanese parts and benetto own parts (found a super cheap nice benotto headset and got some benotto handbars of a friend), sort of a rebellion against the classic all italian campagnolo for this frame.... some may hate me haha. I was looking around for BB and maybe cause italian threaded suntour superbe pro isnt very popular? but I was very pleased to fine this BB at a really cheap price, even though i wasnt planning anything high end i had to buy it. So now I thought I had all the parts ready to build!

Im somewhat a newcomer to building bikes so I made the error of thinking all JIS crank/BB would fit each other... doth I am exposed, the driveside crank bottoms out completely on the fixed cup... do pista BB need a pista crank? Maybe ive read the error could in the superbe pro being its own wierd JIS?

Would people be able to enlighten me on what my options are to pair with this BB?
im hoping this doesnt mean I have to buy an extremely expensive superbe pro pista crank If i want to use this BB! I think then id have to get a cheap BB for now and wait out to afford this. That would be abit soul destroying.


plonz 05-28-18 09:30 PM

So you got a great deal on a diamond ring and now need a fiancé :lol:

I’m not a pista guy so my apologies if my general info does not apply to pista. The typical process is to land on a crankset and then match the bottom bracket. Suntour Superbe cranks would be the obvious choice but even this is a little murky when trying to figure out which gen cranks go with which bb. And as you’ve already discovered, Suntour taper is different, reportedly being interchangeable with Campagnolo. ISO or JIS cranks may work but one will likely bottom out and the other will seat further out and effectively widen your chain line.

You can scour to find possible Suntour and Campy matches. Or you can trial an error by installing random cranks and measuring chain lines. If it were me, I’d go with the cranks I want and match the right bb. Good luck

WillBradley1 05-29-18 05:17 AM

I thought I was doing it the crank way round, I just wrongly assumed superbe pro would be JIS as its japanese. Damn, found a shimano cup and cone to buy instead though so somewhat sorted for now. Will be a few years before i get a fiance for the superbe pro i reckon!!

dddd 05-29-18 09:13 AM

If this frame has decent chainring clearance then a Chorus or other 1990-ish Campagnolo crank might play nice with your existing setup.

Those mostly used the 111mm bottom bracket with similar taper, so the crank would likely only move in about 1mm from where that bottom bracket positioned the arm and rings. Most frames have a lot more clearance at the chainstay than that, even with standard 42t or 39t inner ring.

A 7410 Dura-Ace crankset used a 103mm JIS bottom bracket, so with the narrower Campagnolo spindle would sit within a mm of where it is supposed to. You might have to grind a couple of mm off of the ends of the spindle in your frame so that the bolts don't bottom out before the crank achieves a good press-fit on your spindle.
The difference of taper will have a JIS-taper spindle acting like it is about 2.5mm longer on each end versus the Campagnolo taper.
You would have to shield the bottom bracket bearings from dust resulting from grinding, and I don't think that the inward end of the taper will interfere too much with the edges of the bigger end of the opening in the crankarm.
I've done this and used a 6" grinding wheel on an electric drill mounted on an arbor accessory made for this purpose. I only needed to grind of 1mm in my case and the bolt never bottomed out on the end of the spindle.

noglider 05-29-18 12:38 PM

Originally Posted by plonz (Post 20365168)
So you got a great deal on a diamond ring and now need a fiancé :lol:

What a great line. I hope to be able to use that. We can use that whenever one of us builds a bike around a single component, such as a valve cap.

WillBradley1 05-31-18 02:19 AM

So in the end... by suprise.... I think I found a fiance!

There was a superbe road crank going on ebay for £33. Really poor first few pictures so i think people wernt noticing it.

The risk of it still not fitting is less concerning, as there is another touring bike I will love to use this on if it doesnt fit my Benotto Pista...

I read on velobase the spindle length changed to 112mm on the later models... I havnt deduced which model this is, I just bought it before the other 12 watchers did on pay day!

If the spindle length did change and this one is meant for a 112mm BB, will it bottom out on the cup of my 109mm BB? Or because there both superbe pro will it definatley fit and its just the chainline thats out?

plonz 05-31-18 04:53 AM

Nice find on that crankset. These are getting more difficult to come by.

Im counting 39 teeth on the small ring which leads me to conclude this is a later model 130 BCD crank. It probably uses the 112mm spindle length you read about on velobase. Using your 109 will change the chain line which can cause issues getting into the highest and lowest gears. It will also lessen the clearance between the crank arm and chain stay by 1.5mm per side. Creates a possible issue with contact particularly from any flex under load. A more extreme decrease in spindle length could cause the crank to hit the bb/shell housing but doubtful at 1.5mm per side.

All that said, no harm in installing it, measuring the chain line, confirming shift quality and clearance. It may work fine.

WillBradley1 05-31-18 05:13 AM

Hey Plonz,

Its date HL so is a 1991 crank, it does technically want that 112mm spindle. But maybe correct me, if im running it as a fixed singlespeed would it still want a 112mm spindle? I cant clarify in my head whether the spindle length is about chainline or the interference fit between the arm and the spindle.

Im mainly scared that velobase lists the later model as JIS taper... but then i read in the comments something that contradicted that. Im just hoping thats wrong because the crank that bottomed out was that SR apex, which i assume is JIS.

WillBradley1 05-31-18 05:37 AM

Suuurley a superbe pro BB and superbe pro Crankset has to fit! If they dont then i give in!!

I havnt dated my BB yet but im pretty sure its this one, it looks identical atleast. But velopress doesnt seem to capture the real variety of parts? Someone in the comments gives some good information that provides me some hope. Theres a good chance there from the same gen, but it definitely leaves a real risk I have a JIS Superbe Pro Crank and a 'Superbe taper' (ISO/campyish) Bottom Bracket. - Component: SunTour BB-SB10-I, Superbe Pro

Will write back when its arrived and I have tried the fit. This superbe pro subject needs some clarity!

plonz 05-31-18 06:56 PM

Originally Posted by WillBradley1 (Post 20369206)
This superbe pro subject needs some clarity!

Indeed it does. Thanks for being our guinea pig and please be sure to report results.

As far as chainline, I forgot you are building as a single speed. I think your hunch about chainline being less of a factor is correct.

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