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The Golden Boy 05-31-18 06:38 AM

Happy 531!!!
HPIM4726 by Dave The Golden Boy, on Flickr
HPIM4652 by Dave The Golden Boy, on Flickr

I find it kind of funny that I was so obsessed with getting 531 framed bikes, I had gazillions of pix of my 531 tags... and I can find so few now...

The pic looked fine on "Preview Post" but when I posted it, it came out as image tag soup. So I tried to delete the thread- it didn't finish- I didn't get a chance to get back on BF... when I got home I saw that it didn't delete.

stardognine 05-31-18 08:32 AM

It took me a minute, but I "got" it, lol. Check your link though, looks Chinese from here. 😉

Aubergine 05-31-18 10:19 AM

cb400bill 05-31-18 10:50 AM

Originally Posted by Aubergine (Post 20369654)

“page not found”

T-Mar 05-31-18 11:28 AM

Happy 41st to @Darth Lefty.

Fahrenheit531 05-31-18 11:48 AM

Kind of cool when your favorite frame material has its own day. :thumb:

'78 Schwinn Volare:

jethin 05-31-18 12:33 PM

I’m fond of Columbus day too, but there’s a lot of fine Italian baggage attached to that holiday.

ptempel 05-31-18 12:35 PM

Tried to pic assist but the link is broken. Try removing "blob:" in front of the URL.

2cam16 05-31-18 02:08 PM

Happy 531,all!
DSC_9538 by 2cam16, on Flickr

steelbikeguy 05-31-18 02:29 PM

my SRC/Raleigh team jersey with "Reynolds 531" flocked onto it.....

although... it is hanging from a T.I.-Raleigh Team bike built from 753...

Steve in Peoria
(rode my 531C Hetchins today)

gugie 05-31-18 02:42 PM

fleslider 05-31-18 03:16 PM

Happy 531 Day!

squirtdad 05-31-18 03:22 PM

Originally Posted by gugie (Post 20370204)


verktyg 05-31-18 03:33 PM

Various Rare Reynolds Stickers

verktyg :50:

Andy_K 05-31-18 03:36 PM

Four cheers for the great Reynolds 531!

I thought about driving to work this morning, but when I remembered that it was 5/31 I decided to ride in on the Trek (first picture above).

non-fixie 05-31-18 04:50 PM

Unless we take drastic measures, calendar-wise, there'll never be a 531 day here in Europe ... :(

clubman 05-31-18 05:53 PM

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50th! Don't rest on your laurels.

nlerner 05-31-18 06:42 PM
2013-05-11 16.45.52.jpg

JohnDThompson 05-31-18 06:55 PM

And for the Americans who think because it says "Reynolds," it must be aluminum:

John E 05-31-18 07:05 PM

Originally Posted by clubman (Post 20370488)
50th! Don't rest on your laurels.

... or Hardys ...

Wildwood 05-31-18 07:07 PM


The Golden Boy 05-31-18 07:37 PM

October 8th this year.

Originally Posted by Wildwood (Post 20370573)

ryansu 05-31-18 08:00 PM

Sadly my Moto_GT with Vitus 172 doesn't get a day here in the US, only in Europe on the the 17th of February
Vitus decals by Ryan Surface, on Flickr

thumpism 05-31-18 08:32 PM

Guess I'll have to wait for July 53rd.

79pmooney 05-31-18 08:55 PM

Well, 4 of my bikes ( I think) get to celebrate the holiday. My Raleigh Competition no longer wears the stickers but it was fully stickered and certified. The fix gear of my logo, while ti, has a 531 fork. I believe the fork to my older ti bike is also 531. Likewise, I believe my Mooney was built full 531 but in those days, Peter would only sticker it if you paid extra as he wanted the freedom to choose what he believed the best tubing for the application.

So while my fleet is nearly 50% 531, I have no stickers to show for it.


Kilroy1988 05-31-18 09:46 PM

From the ~1950 Carlton Continental.

Giuanin 06-01-18 01:29 AM


T-Mar 06-01-18 07:04 AM

Originally Posted by ryansu (Post 20370621)
Sadly my Moto_GT with Vitus 172 doesn't get a day here in the US, only in Europe on the the 17th of February
Vitus decals by Ryan Surface, on Flickr

You could also celebrate on the 172nd day of each year (i.e. June 21 this year) or on (Saint) Vitus Day (i.e. June 15). Either way, you better hurry up in arranging the festivities.

jamesdak 06-01-18 08:00 AM

Late to the party!

hazetguy 06-01-18 08:12 AM

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