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Porkbreath 06-04-18 03:51 PM

Parts for 1994 Stumpjumper
Hey guys.

I have a Stumpjumper that I bought in 1994. I've lived in NYC and Oakland, CA throughout those years, so needless to say, almost the entire bike (excluding frame) has been stolen at one point or another. I've replaced everything numerous times, but usually with stuff that was cheap at the time because that was what I could afford. Now I kinda want to fix it up with as close to original parts as I can, but have no idea what used to be on it. Anyone have any links to a list of parts that were on the original bike or ideas on where to look?

Porkbreath 06-04-18 04:06 PM

From the looks of it, I have an M2. Definitely no shocks.

Porkbreath 06-04-18 05:26 PM

Wow, awesome. Thank you very much.

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