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juls 06-06-18 08:11 AM

Trek question
I recently aquired an 86 trek 760. Looking it over I noticed this strange protrusion on the drive side stay. Could this be a chain holder? Looks on purpose (completely painted.) but a little low for a chain holder imo. The nds is rounded. See pics. I searched forums for do pics-no luck. Any trekkies out there? TIA

tiredhands 06-06-18 08:27 AM

Chain hanger! :thumb:

juls 06-06-18 11:30 AM

:ride: Thanks! phew!

Classtime 06-06-18 12:28 PM

I think we deserve mo-better pictures.

juls 06-06-18 04:27 PM
Sellers picture and progress so far....:) Much to do with rust spots/regreasing/and possible bar change.

Classtime 06-06-18 07:40 PM

Nice. A top of the line racer: complete.

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