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MiloFrance 01-05-19 11:07 AM

What does €30 get you in your neck of the woods?
Yes, €30. Some utter ignoramus has tried to fixify it, but it remains a nicely built (by sight at least) frame and fork. With other bits. There's about to be a 'what is this frame thread...

MiloFrance 01-05-19 11:08 AM

More pics

unworthy1 01-05-19 01:13 PM

It used those snap-in plastic grommets for the internal cable which if I could recall who else used them (not many) it might narrow things down. What brand are the vertical DOs? What's the BB shell threading? Any signs that the tubing is actually Columbus as the decal would claim?

seedsbelize 01-05-19 01:49 PM

Around 660 pesos

non-fixie 01-05-19 01:52 PM

Nice! The seat cluster looks familiar. I'm sure a member with a better memory than mine will be able to come up with a name.

malcala622 01-05-19 03:10 PM

Around $34 a dinner at olive garden without alcoholic dribks and splitting the pasta order in 2.

oddjob2 01-05-19 04:56 PM

Bought for $40 US in 2014, a Cannondale ST400

Shown after overhaul and addition of rack

Rollfast 01-05-19 05:02 PM

A bemused to annoyed look from a French waiter.

Hope you can fix that Peugeot. Or whatever that is. It looks vaguely familiar, but as you can see from my list I haven't much of a clue.

oddjob2 01-05-19 05:11 PM

Bought for $45 US, sans Brooks, Northroad Bars, Fenders. Shown improved. It appears I have bought more than a few Fujis at $50 US or less. All have left the hoard.

USAZorro 01-05-19 05:12 PM

Strange looks, mostly.

That said, I've gotten a couple parts bikes for that or less recently.

deux jambes 01-05-19 05:31 PM

Paid $40 recently for a Pro Miyata. Frame too tall, and in rough shape. But...

It had a SKF roller bearing bottom bracket with a Nouveau Record crankset on it. Record 2 bolt post. A pristine 600 (6207) headset, and a 2nd gen Superbe calipers. It was rolling on a set of mixed set of MA2 rims laced to Specialized hubs. Along with it the seller threw in a near NOS wheels. Matrix Sonic rims on TriColor hubs, as well as a pair of Super Mighty crankarms, and a Mighty Tour crankset. Hardly a scratch on either.

I don’t expect another deal like that will likely come my way again.

Lascauxcaveman 01-05-19 09:10 PM

"Oh, are you interested in that one, too? Well, OK. How 'bout $20? The shifters don't work."

Fifteen minutes and healthy shower of WD40 and the shifters work just fine, thank you. I spent another $50 on yellow parts and tires to make it look as above. I have since added a CF fork, that was another $70. The usual story. :rolleyes:

I really like this bike, though. At 22+ lbs, it's my lightest.

dddd 01-05-19 09:30 PM

Is that a Basso?

Whatever it is, GOOD SAVE!

malcala622 01-05-19 11:41 PM

Wow nice Raleigh for 20!!!

Lascauxcaveman 01-06-19 01:48 AM

Originally Posted by malcala622 (Post 20734322)
Wow nice Raleigh for 20!!!

Or €17.55, if you want to stay on topic. As I said, threw some some more money on it after purchasing. It was a hideous mess when I bought it.

Mr. 66 01-06-19 07:27 AM

Pompiere 01-06-19 02:29 PM

It was $40, so about 35 euro. 1988 Schwinn LeTour. In this picture, I had only cleaned it up and wrapped the bars. After I found out how nice it rides, I made a few changes to make it into a long distance day tourer, including a Brooks saddle, mud guards, and a triple crank.

dddd 01-06-19 03:42 PM

$40 is a most common starting price at the local Goodwill for quality bikes that have visible issues such as weathering, tires falling off or a bent wheel.

I've probably bought 60 such bikes from that one store, and that number again back when (~15 years ago) all bikes went to the floor with a $20 price tag.

One of my favorites was this Six-Ten, which sold for 24.95.

MiloFrance 01-07-19 12:21 AM

There are some fabulous €30-worth things on this thread. Must try harder...

Rollfast 01-07-19 04:46 AM

My 1995 Schwinn Cruiser SS was a gift.

wrk101 01-07-19 09:57 AM

$30 US, two days ago, not pictured are the North Road handlebars that came with these parts too:
30 $ parts by wrk101, on Flickr

RobbieTunes 01-07-19 10:26 PM

What does €30 get you in your neck of the woods?
Same thing as dinner and a movie, if you are lucky.


Arrested, if you don't phrase things right.

MiloFrance 01-11-19 12:40 PM

clubman 01-11-19 03:42 PM

Originally Posted by wrk101 (Post 20736217)
$30 US, two days ago, not pictured are the North Road handlebars that came with these parts too:

That 6 speed Sprint's the finest friction derailleur I've ever owned. Worth $30 in my blinkered view.

mountaindave 01-12-19 01:19 AM

Punched in the face if you walk into the wrong bar... It can get pretty redneck in my neck of the woods.

OTOH, I got my favorite 5s townie bike for $25 (€21.80) delivered off of CL years ago. (Lots of mods by the time this photo was taken.)

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