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RobbieTunes 01-10-19 06:40 PM

Twin Sons of Different Fathers.
Don't hate us because we're beautiful.

Pics first.
Story second.
Partner in crime to follow.

jamesdak 01-10-19 06:42 PM

And Pic 2.... :D

jamesdak 01-10-19 06:43 PM

Both fresh NOS frames finally seeing the light of day.

RobbieTunes 01-10-19 06:44 PM

A funny thing happened on the way to eBay.... I found this:

jamesdak 01-10-19 06:45 PM

And after thanking him in a post about saving me from myself by buying it I stumbled on this...

horatio 01-10-19 06:45 PM

Y-foil? Very futuristic at the time.

RobbieTunes 01-10-19 06:51 PM

So, we each have a frame, "on order." He got a sweeter deal.
Then, his arrives, a couple of weeks go by, and my seller goes RADIO SILENT.
James tells me to chill. I'm getting ready to shoot people....
Then, USPS tracking seems to show it sitting, for 8 more days, in New Jersey.

I mean, if you want to lose a body, New Jersey. If you want to lose a bike, USPS. The combo, oy!

RobbieTunes 01-10-19 06:52 PM

I was sure my seller stiffed me and sold to James.
He kept talking me down from the 25-to-life ledge.

jamesdak 01-10-19 06:53 PM

Yep, we both had our moments of anxiety with this buy. I was the only bidder on mine and seriously thought I had missed an obvious problem that kept others from bidding. About the time mine arrived all fine is when Robbie was starting to worry about his.

RobbieTunes 01-10-19 06:55 PM

So, we discussed components. I had a 6800 takeoff set, no wheels.

jamesdak 01-10-19 06:56 PM

Mine was listed weird, I found searching for "NOS vintage frames" as I sought out some unique old steel bike.

And I was so glad when Robbies came in and all was fine with his too. We had been comparing the sales pics, serial numbers, etc, to make sure they were different'

jamesdak 01-10-19 06:57 PM

I went back and forth on what to build with, mainly considering a Campagnolo Record groupset I had. Then the PSA went up on here about the R8000 sale a Chain Reaction and I made a buy. Just at Merlin instead, LOL!

jamesdak 01-10-19 06:59 PM

Oh and for me the wheels were the easiest decision since I had some red spoke Fulcrum Racing 0's around.

RobbieTunes 01-10-19 07:00 PM

It was my post about the deal at Merlin...… but while he had wheels already....
…..I ordered some from, wait for it... Merlin.

Which arrived missing an end cap. That the 3T (Vittoria) site said was out of stock.
Which the people at Vittoria said were in stock. So an old-fashioned phone call....worked.

jamesdak 01-10-19 07:06 PM

And I too was still gathering the odds and ends. Deciding, like Robbie, that emphasizing the red would look great on the build. So, snatched the Fabric saddle off another bike and started hunting the internet for the right pedals and such.

RobbieTunes 01-10-19 07:11 PM

Note he got the black post clamp right away.
I ordered red and black, eventually settled on the red,
as I had no red on my saddle. (I need to update pics).

crank_addict 01-10-19 07:12 PM


jamesdak 01-10-19 07:16 PM

I thought about going all carbon with the bars and stem but my prejudices about that still won out and I stuck with some nice Easton Alloy pieces. Totally copying Robbie with the red tape.

Essthreetee 01-10-19 07:17 PM

This is awesome. It’s like tag team wrestling (not that I like wrestling, just the tag team part)...but instead with posts.

RobbieTunes 01-10-19 07:17 PM

Some notes:

1-We discussed forks. You cannot change the forks on these bikes and preserve the geometry.
Note the big gap from the caliper bolt to the fork crown. A replacement fork drops the front almost a full inch.

2-We discussed headsets. We both wanted modern, for fit reasons.

I'll let James carry on...

jamesdak 01-10-19 07:23 PM

Yep, I think Robbie made the better decision with the Innicycle headset choice. I was already feeling guilty about totally blowing my bike budget and stuck with a Deda Quill adapter I had on hand. I just sourced a different black headset than the Shimano 105 that shipped with my frameset.

I do sort of like that the LBS guys that put mine together staggered the silver and black spacers and headset parts.

Unlike the very talented Robbie, I farmed out my build to the awesome guys at The Bike Shoppe.

Tag Robbie.... you're it!

RobbieTunes 01-10-19 07:30 PM

Since my seat post is setback, but my stem shorter, I think his bike fits me and mine fits him.
I did use the Innicycle adapter, and managed to find a red spacer, just one.

From @speedevil, a red Bontrager RL cage. Yes, I've moved the cable.

The box contained a bunch of accessories, the owner's manual, and in-line cable adjusters that actually mount in the DA7700 STI's, right up where the cable enters the shifter. I'd seen them once before, and thought someone just forced them in. Nope, they are actually made to insert into the STI. Makes me wonder if the bike was intended for DA. I've seen some models listed as OEM with the 9-sp DA (and Bike Snob had one with 3x9 DA). The vast majority I've seen were Ultegra 9sp.

Do you think I should fill out the warranty card?

The box contained the seat post bottle mount you see below. I still have it.
It can be mounted like you see, or downward in a more vertical position (no seat stays or rear caliper to be in the way).

seypat 01-10-19 07:36 PM

There are 2 54s sitting on the DC CL.

jamesdak 01-10-19 07:44 PM

I'll admit I was surprised to be able to use a straight seatpost on this. My normal fit has the center of my saddle 8 3/8" back from the center of the BB and usually this means a seatback seatpost.

The seatpost waterbottle setup is the one part that didn't come with mine.

Back in 1999 the Trek Tech manual mentioned the unusually long brake recessed bolts but they seem pretty normal now days.

RobbieTunes 01-10-19 07:46 PM

Originally Posted by horatio (Post 20742028)
Y-foil? Very futuristic at the time.

And now 20 years old. Still in the top tier of aerodynamics for frames. Still banned by the UCI.

@seypat could relate to this: I rode one in a triathlon, with road bars, and one of the other triathletes wanted it disqualified.
Pat knows the club to which I refer.

jamesdak 01-10-19 07:47 PM

I do wonder how fragile these FD mounts are. Hopefully we never put these over on their side.

RobbieTunes 01-10-19 07:49 PM

Yep. Easiest to mount FD, ever. Good view of James' roller-cam bearing setup on the R8000 calipers.
Such a "Lay Down Sally" caliper position.

While I went with Chinese carbon on the saddle, post, and bars, James stuck with just-as-light Thomson/Easton and alloy on his.

Look at those red spokes. Someone was channeling Spinergy when they built those.

As much as I like mine for what it is, corresponding with James during the "process" made it meaningful. I'll remember it for that, long after I can't turn a crank. The thing to do now, is find some way to ride with him.

GrainBrain 01-10-19 07:59 PM

Originally Posted by RobbieTunes (Post 20742138)
Still in the top tier of aerodynamics for frames. Still banned by the UCI.

Okay that answers my question, why aren't they made still? Drool worthy.

Awesome thread guys, only early 2019 and this thread will probably be my favorite of the year!

RobbieTunes 01-10-19 08:04 PM

Originally Posted by seypat (Post 20742121)
There are 2 54s sitting on the DC CL.

Pat, I'm not saying one of these would solve your climbing problems, but it's the best climbing frame I've ever had.

My take is that "He Who Cannot Be Named" would have won the tour by 30 minutes or more, had they allowed this.
The other thing to note, is that no other team would have been able to ride them, painted to look like something else.

My dream Tour would have The Pirate on a celeste one. Unstoppable.

jamesdak 01-10-19 08:06 PM

Originally Posted by RobbieTunes (Post 20742141)
As much as I like mine for what it is, corresponding with James during the "process" made it meaningful. I'll remember it for that, long after I can't turn a crank. The thing to do now, is find some way to ride with him.

We'll have to "meet in the middle" one day. :thumb:

Speaking of middles.....

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