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rideandgoseek 01-10-19 01:28 PM

1972 Chrome Paramount P13
1972 chrome Paramount P13

Non original drivetrain and rims. Still contemplating what I'm gonna do with this one as the front triple is a bit wonky shifting and I don't think I need a 24 tooth ring. Leaning towards keeping the rear Sachs Huret eco duopar derailleur and maybe just replacing the cranks with the standard Nuovo Record that came with it. Thoughts?

rideandgoseek 01-10-19 01:38 PM

cb400bill 01-10-19 07:15 PM


owen robinson 01-10-19 07:18 PM

Perfect bar tape!
Fits the bike.

PilotFishBob 01-10-19 10:06 PM

Nice! Maybe also a Nuovo Record front derailleur to go with the appropriate crank set. Your plans sound good. Welcome to the chrome Paramount club!

52telecaster 01-11-19 05:57 AM

Lots of room for tires and fenders. Id be tempted to keep the 24. But i am weak.

pastorbobnlnh 01-11-19 07:18 AM

Beautiful find! Great for you and for one more chrome Paramount being loved, enjoyed and ridden into its coming 50th birthday.

I'd say you have a good plan unless you need a lower gear than the 42T NR double will allow. It looks as if the rear freewheel is a 13 or 14T-30T (maybe a 31T or 32T) 5 speed Regina Oro. Suntour made a 34T and 38T sprocket which fits on a Perfect, ProCompe, New Winner, Winner and Winner Pro bodies, which could help if you just run the NR double. The Suntour freewheels can also be found in Ultra 6 speed spacing which helps when you run such a low gear. The Huret Eco Duopar can handle the 38T if you decide to go that low.

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