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Bikesplendor 03-03-19 01:54 PM

Lugged Trek 9xx's: What Years Were They Made?
During some years the frames were lugged. Then they stopped. When did they stop? During what years were they lugged?

Also, not as important to me but I'm also just wondering if this applied across the board, to 930s, 950s, 970s and 990s, or were there differences in when the frames were lugged.

Thank you.

Arvadaman 03-03-19 02:21 PM

seeker333 03-03-19 02:29 PM

I do not believe most old lugged MTBs are actually ideal or even good candidates for touring bikes. You can waste a lot of time looking for a specific size of a ~30 year old bike, plus a lot of money converting to desired end use. However, I do own a Trek 970 MTB onto which I brazed under-downtube bottle bosses, so your idea is hardly unique. IIRC 1990 or possibly 1991 was the end of the 9xx lugged production (actually all lugged construction), but you need to confirm by looking here:

Bikesplendor 03-03-19 02:36 PM

Originally Posted by Arvadaman (Post 20820691)

Thanks, that is useful. But it doesn't seem to answer the main question, at least not where I have looked so far. It does say that 1993 is the last year for lugged 520s, on another page. It isn't clear if that applies to the 9xx's.

Bikesplendor 03-03-19 02:46 PM

Originally Posted by seeker333 (Post 20820703)
I do not believe most old lugged MTBs are actually ideal or even good candidates for touring bikes.

What would make them not good candidates? Not arguing the point, just wondering. Assuming the bike has been stored properly, no rust, accidents, abuse, damage, or high miles....

Used mountain bikes from what time periods, and what bikes or models do you think would be better?...for someone looking for a good used mountain bike primarily for non-technical off-road touring?

cb400bill 03-03-19 03:21 PM

Thread moved from Touring to C&V per OP's request.

Arvadaman 03-03-19 03:23 PM

If you have a question about a specific series and year, you can download the catalog from the brochures section on that site.

jeirvine 03-03-19 04:18 PM

All of the 900 series road bikes were lugged, and made through about 1983. Then they started using 9xx for mountain bikes about 1988. Not sure when the mountain bikes became un-lugged.

TenGrainBread 03-03-19 04:20 PM

1993 was the last year for the lugged Trek mountain bikes. I used to have a lugged 1993 green 930. The year after all models were TIG welded.

3speedslow 03-03-19 06:15 PM
My 96 930 SHX may not be lugged but it ainít no slouch in the ride department.

dailycommute 03-03-19 06:20 PM

The lugged 90s MTB 9xx are rock solid and excellent for casual gravel riding or mellow single track. 1993 was the last lugged year with true temper os tubeset if possible find the lower 930 with the cromo fork.. They geometry is long tt and shorter seat tube. For touring they would be heavy and the geometry may get uncomfortable day on day riding. I use mine often in summer for working out the dogs but for touring would not be my ideal choice.

katsup 03-03-19 06:34 PM

As the other two posters said, 1993 was the last year of the lugged 9xx mountain bikes. I believe it is the same for the 520 and 750/790 mutitrack bikes.

TenGrainBread 03-03-19 06:54 PM

FWIW I built my 1993 930 as a touring bike with a few different bars over a few years and did some touring on it. The thing to keep in mind is that the top tube is very long, as this was the NORBA period where mountain bikes were long and low, unlike the early/mid-80s when top tubes were shorter. So if you are under 5'9 it will be hard to make a drop bar build work as even the smaller models had at least 58cm top tubes. The other difficult thing with the early 90s Treks is they used threaded 1 1/8 forks. Plenty of NOS stuff still around for threaded 1 1/8th but might be hard to find the exact right stem for your fit.

Soma Portola dirt drop bars and the stock Trek/Matrix stem. The stock stem was way too long for using drop bars as the top tube of the bike is already pretty long (it is designed for flat bars, obviously). The dirt drops didn't help as they have a pretty long reach.

Next iteration was Velo Orange Porteur bars with an upright Sunlite stem. I did a two-day, 210 mile trip with this config and I would say it did better than expected, but not enough hand positions, which is predictable.

Last iteration. Soma Randonneur bars with the same Sunlite stem. This fit the best and I rode it quite a lot like this. I would say I still would have preferred a slightly shorter reach but it worked. I did a lot of overnights with this one.

Piff 03-03-19 08:31 PM

Dang, that is a pretty sweet deal on that sunlite stem.

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