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P!N20 03-10-19 11:22 PM

Show Us Your Bikes Starting With C
So following on from the monthly colour threads, here's your chance to show us your bikes alphabetically!

It goes like this: every fortnight I'll start a new thread with a new letter in alphabetical order. Post your bikes that correspond to that letter, eg; C = Cinelli, Carlton, Ciocc. M = Mercian, Masi, Motobecane. And so on and so forth. The letter of the fortnight should correspond with the marque, not the model. For example; you could post your Tommasini Prestige in the T thread, but not in the P thread. If you're not sure, take a look at the word on your downtube. There's a grey area with people's names - Bruce Gordon, Claud Butler, etc., but I'll leave it up to the owners which thread is preferred. Make sense?

So let's see your Chesinis, Claud Butlers and Calzones...yep, you heard me.

sdn40 03-10-19 11:27 PM

Nguyen Dang 03-10-19 11:52 PM

My Centurion Lemans RS with Shimano 600 EX groupo

My Centurion Lemans RS with Shimano 600 EX groupo

Soylent 03-10-19 11:52 PM

IMG 2953
Forgot how lousy this picture was!

1simplexnut 03-11-19 12:47 AM

Carlton ?
Lets see em !

Lemond1985 03-11-19 01:32 AM

Cannondale! The Ultimate Sprinting Machine.

Kovkov 03-11-19 06:15 AM

SJX426 03-11-19 07:53 AM

I am surprised I am the first for this brand!
1983 Colnago Superissimo, on Flickr

DD needs to post his most well known Gold C.

bwilli88 03-11-19 08:18 AM

My 81 Centurion Pro Tour here in Cambodia
IMG_20161122_124629931 by Bwilli88, on Flickr

My 83 all chrome Centurion Pro Tour in the States
IMG_20181002_105509465_HDR by Bwilli88, on Flickr

Raleigh Supercourses are labeled Carlton
My 78
IMG_20181001_175313740_HDR by Bwilli88, on Flickr
My 73
IMG_20180717_114219125 by Bwilli88, on Flickr

TXsailor 03-11-19 08:45 AM

Lemans 12 now

88 Master 10 speed with triple crank set

TXsailor 03-11-19 08:50 AM

Lemans 12 now

88 Master 10 speed with triple crank set[/QUOTE]

wgscott 03-11-19 08:56 AM

Caletti vintage 2014. But at least it is steel, and now features a square taper BB.

Aubergine 03-11-19 09:02 AM

This is not an Ironman, but a Le Mans RS using Tange 2.

Mr. 66 03-11-19 09:59 AM

Foundational Centurion that I have yet to start tuning. I have a Cilo and a Conti but those are not pic worthy.

67tony 03-11-19 10:31 AM

You'll probably get more than a few of these!

mpetry912 03-11-19 10:41 AM

Here are two from my stable

mgopack42 03-11-19 12:17 PM
Late 80's Ciocc. just recently "upgraded" from Shimano 600 EX to first generation Campagnolo Chorus. I just couldn't stand the thought of that Japanese componentry on this Italian bike.

clubman 03-11-19 02:22 PM

1 Attachment(s)
'42 ccm. One cable operated drum brake and it locks up with ease.

If the cable breaks, the bike won't brake and maybe I'll break?

John E 03-11-19 02:25 PM
C is for CapO:
top: recent shot of 1959 Modell Campagnolo, showing new color-coordinated maroon(!) Brooks Pro saddle
middle: 1960 Sieger in as-bought condition
bottom: approx. 10-year-old photo of 1959 at Wavecrest Woodie meet (, appropriately in black-and-white, with John & Patricia E.

Duke7777 03-11-19 03:18 PM

57 Cattaneo
49 Carpenter

horatio 03-11-19 03:47 PM

Hard to tell, but it's a Ciocc. Presently rattle-canned white, in storage, to be built sometime this year. Also a Designer '84 in storage.

OldsCOOL 03-11-19 03:55 PM

P!N20 03-11-19 04:06 PM

Originally Posted by Kovkov (Post 20832586)

Chiorda! Nice!

non-fixie 03-11-19 04:16 PM

The Colmo, Colnero and Chinetti will have to wait until I've made them presentable. But I've got mrs non-fixie's Cornelo ...

... and my Campione:

texaspandj 03-11-19 04:25 PM

Here's one.

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