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mpetry912 08-21-19 12:25 PM

that's a dead cool vice. I am jealous !

and that's not really my workshop. Faber's Cycles, San Jose CA from long long ago.

Mark Petry
Bainbridge Island, WA

martl 08-21-19 02:31 PM

Originally Posted by markwesti (Post 21085644)
@martl , I have never seen a bench vice like this one before and I'm a machinist . Is there a jib for the dovetail ?

pretty simple actually. the front jaw is part of the base and thus fixed, the rear jaw is one piece and has the other part of the dovetail, so it can slide back and forth with some precision (still pretty lose, not tight as the dovetail on a mill or lathe) . it also holds the square taper axle, which is held in place by a pin (hole is on top visible in the pic). the spindle is a long tube with the nut inside, it has a notch near the handle and is fixed to the front jaw by a plate with an u-shaped recess which is bolted onto the front face. the tube is long enough to protect the spindle taper from dirt and chips; 5 parts, thats all there's to it :)

they are super common over here in DE, i dont think i ever saw another brand than this in any professional toolmakers or apprentice workshop, i did all my filing training on these at diferent companies. it always was Leinen or Heuer (which are forged, not cast and therefore more popular among bllacksmiths)

noglider 08-21-19 03:01 PM

Vice (with a 'c') is immoral or wicked behavior.

A vise (with an 's') is a metal tool with movable jaws.

They are pronounced the same but spelled differently.

I was using google alerts to find a good deal on craigslist for a bench vise. I didn't get any hits until I deliberately spelled my keyword wrong, because sellers tend to spell it wrong.

BFisher 08-21-19 03:11 PM

Wikipedia has it that US spelling is "vise," and British spelling is "vice."

Ah, English language is fun. :rolleyes:

conspiratemus1 08-21-19 04:34 PM

Just swept it up while between projects, so it's now or never. (Note broom in right corner.)

Bench started out as 1 x 4 stringers on 2 x 4 posts with a top of 1/2" plywood. Over the years, the posts have been doubled, or at least reinforced with 2 x 2s, and the front stringer has been backed up through the middle, where the hammering happens, with 2 x 4. All posts screwed into the concrete floor with angles and the back and side stringers screwed into the wall studs. Open space allows for sitting at it on a bar stool for, e.g., wheel building, but I find that I always stand so will probably brace it in soon. There is a Harbour-Freight-quality vise screwed into the reinforced front stringer over the second post out from the far wall, even though it has been blurred or fogged out in the photo.:foo: The wood members are let into one another so that all weight is carried wood-down-to-wood; screws hold it together but don't carry vertical weight.

There are a large number of "legacy" storage containers accumulated over our time together that spread out beyond the photo, mostly filled with bike supplies. Mrs. C. has the other two-thirds of the basement for her passions.

The biggest improvement I made last winter was to build the two drawers where there were previously two open shelves. The benefit from better use of storage space was amazing. All kinds of awkward tools like scroll saw, drills, specialty handsaws and mitre box, propane torch, hammers and mallets, go into these drawers vertically where they're easy to find. And there's room for storage of consumable parts like chains, cables, etc. Drawers rock.

markwesti 08-21-19 05:25 PM

@BFisher , must have been a throw back to my formula Atlantic days .

camjr 08-21-19 07:03 PM

Here's mine. It wouldn't be proper to straighten it up before taking pics...

noglider 08-22-19 09:07 AM

@camjr, for a second, I thought that was my workbench. Except that mine is much messier.

SJX426 08-22-19 01:28 PM

Version 1. I expect to rearrange in the near future. Only those items on the floor
P1000599 by [url=]on Flickr

gpdave 08-22-19 07:03 PM

Kind of neat for a change
Got the Carlton up on the stand

billnuke1 08-23-19 06:34 AM

Neighborhood amused?
Time to reconfigure my shop areas.
This means that stuff has to come out.
Neighbors will take notice...

rootboy 08-23-19 07:22 AM

Originally Posted by BFisher (Post 21086164)
Wikipedia has it that US spelling is "vise," and British spelling is "vice."

Ah, English language is fun. :rolleyes:

Go figure. Thanks. Learn something new every day.
Makes me wonder how the English call a bad habit.

rootboy 08-23-19 08:31 AM

I like vises. These pictures of various vises interests me. I've got a number of vises.
Such as,

Wilton 5 inch machinist's vise

An old Parker, fitted with copper jaws to protect softer items.

A Wilton sheet metal worker's vise, which flips 90 degrees.

A Columbian woodworking vise with oak jaws. (with a Palmgren X-Y table sitting next to it)

And a Palmgren drill press table vise. Have a few of these in various sizes and configurations.

BFisher 08-23-19 11:16 AM

Ah, Wilton machinist's vise - love 'em. :thumb:

billnuke1 09-03-19 05:48 PM

Problem with flat surfaces...

You could park a car/Jeep on these!

I left this longer for my bench mount stand or the /a vice.
Gotta a call from an old customer about a couple of bikes...picked them bike is going to the g’daughter’s fiancé and I traded the children’s bike for a set of army table legs...found 3-8’x10”x2” pressure treated boards out back annnnnnd....yah dah!

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