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r0ckh0und 04-15-19 05:35 PM

Wester Ross
Found this over weekend and just picked it up this evening so I had a chance to gather a little information about Wester Ross. I'm getting directed to BikeBrothers but haven't been able to navigate the site. Serial #020 JSC. The seller says his wife gave this to him as a gift about 30 years ago and he put it in the attic and just pulled it out last weekend. She bought it from an east coast bike shop.

r0ckh0und 04-15-19 05:40 PM

clubman 04-15-19 06:05 PM

With the final season of Game of Thrones just beginning (see Westeros), that bike is likely a hot commodity. Fabulous!

juvela 04-16-19 09:25 AM


Wonderful find, congratulations! ;)

Shall look forward to following.

"Just look at THOSE BLADES ladies and gentlemens."

Seatstay plugs/caps are solid steel about nine cm in length.

Lug pattern is NERVEX Nr. 45/161.

Thinking perhaps 1974-ish for a birthday.

Appears it may have been built up from a frameset by retail shop.

Is front hub Weyless?


Here is a forum post from an enthusiast who has #023 -

Replacement transfers availlable here if desired -

John Connell here beginning at 10:50 mark -


noglider 04-16-19 10:11 AM

That's a fine machine.

r0ckh0und 04-16-19 10:36 AM

I assumed it was originally all Campy........currently a Maillard rear hub the front I don't recognize so perhaps Weyless, Superbe brake set. Rims 27"

hujev 04-17-19 11:15 AM

Wow, Wester Ross is one of the English frames I admire most (and thus 'frames', as an Anglovelophile), from afar. Probably that and Tony Oliver (I have neither). Famous for their attention to detail, engineering design, etc.

I'd also suggest the transfers from H. Lloyd Cycles as top quality (they're also the 'official' Reynolds maker for older transfers).

bargainguy 04-17-19 11:21 AM

Incredible find, congrats!

juvela 04-17-19 12:22 PM

Originally Posted by r0ckh0und (Post 20887200)
I assumed it was originally all Campy........currently a Maillard rear hub the front I don't recognize so perhaps Weyless, Superbe brake set. Rims 27"


Thanks for the response.

Here is a Weyless hub advert of MCMLXXV -

Shall look forward to your updates as you have an opportunity to get into things... ;)


r0ckh0und 04-17-19 01:26 PM

I stripped all of the Japanese stuff off last night and did an initial wipe down of the frame. I'm thinking Nuovo Record as I have collected most everything but the brake set......and I have never had a Campy equipped bike.

@juvela wondering why you believe this was built up in the US? Is it the Japanese parts and the cheesy chainstay protector.

juvela 04-17-19 01:44 PM


The mix of fittings made me think it might have been assembled at the retail level. Just an idea - not an assertion.

Did not write anything about the U.S.

Do we know that the "east coast shop" which sold it to the previous owner sold it new?

r0ckh0und 04-17-19 01:54 PM

I think it was purchased used and then stored in the attic as purchased. The seller had no interest in the bike just wanted it gone

juvela 04-17-19 02:23 PM


wrt investigating the kitting -

fittings have date codes which can be checked to see how close to each other they may be

it may have come new all or mostly Campag NR

chainset likely a replacement to accommodate rider's gear requirements

possible that fitter of chainset reused existing Campag bb cups

regarding Superbe brakeset -

it was quite common at this time for new Campag NR kitted machines to come through with something other than Campag brakes - the cost differential between Universal/Weinmann/MAFAC and Campag was LARGE

sometimes owners of such machines wanted to upgrade brakes but balked at cost of Campag and would fit Superbe or DuraAce as a more affordable alternative


rustystrings61 04-17-19 02:39 PM

I had a set of Weyless hubs laced to Mavic tubulars c.1978 that I loved, loved, loved. They were trouble free, and they went with my old Puch Royal X when I foolishly sold it in 1987. My memory is they were the lightest hubs on the market at the time and were considered a deal compared to Phil Wood's sealed bearing hubs. It's a nice bit o' kit.

bikemig 04-17-19 02:46 PM

This bike is hot and it's your size; nice, nice find.

r0ckh0und 04-17-19 04:36 PM

Bottom bracket is 1.37x24T Sugino, I have a Campy 1.37x24T replacement.

Headset is indexed, I think I have a suitable replacement for that as well.

Frame is 57cm center to top/57 center to center, which is a bit larger than I would prefer.

r0ckh0und 04-28-19 04:05 PM

Making some progress on the Wester Ross. A couple of observations......the Rally RD has the reinforced mounting bolt which would make it post '75. The RD cable stop appears to be reamed out nuts rather tastefully done.

I did a basic frame cleaning and then a couple of treatments of Mother's carnuba wax.

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