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vintagerando 04-29-19 10:52 PM

ID Trek from poor quality photo?
Can anyone id this trek? I tried emailing the seller with no success. Looks like a model number on the seat tube.

thumpism 04-30-19 02:32 AM

Looks like a 400 on the seat tube.

Hobbiano 04-30-19 05:46 AM

Looks like an '88 400T if it has a triple. The colors are right.

Pompiere 04-30-19 06:32 AM

The 400T and the regular 400 were both available in red. The only difference is the 400T has an SR Oval-Tech triple crank, the 400 has an Oval-Tech double.

I bought a 400T last fall and only recently got to ride it for the first time. It has very good ride over rough chip seal pavement that is becoming the norm around here.

1988 Trek 400T

1988 Trek catalog

The Golden Boy 04-30-19 06:55 AM


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