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gsoenksen 06-04-19 04:23 PM

Gear levers
This is probably a dumb question but I was looking at buying a fuji royale II off of craigslist but I noticed that the gear levers are on the frame of the bike instead of the handlebar. Is there any way to move them to the handlebar? The bike is only $50 so I'll probably buy it regardless but I'm used to having the levers up on the handlebar so I just wanted to check and see if it was possible. Thanks.

Insidious C. 06-04-19 04:48 PM

Easiest way is get another set of shifters intended to mount to stem or end of bars. Then you need cable stop in same location shifters are currently. Also you could go with "brifters" but at considerably more cost.

markwesti 06-04-19 07:15 PM

Leave them on the DT , grind off the fender mounts and tuck only after reaching escape velocity .
Obey the rules ... Velominati ?

wrk101 06-04-19 07:59 PM

Everything is possible, its just a matter of how resourceful you are, who does the work, and what budget you have. If you take it to a bike shop and ask them to do it, you will be MUCH better off selling it and buying a bike with the shifters you want. Even if you are resourceful, you still will likely be better off selling it (or passing on it) and buying the bike you want.

A good deal on a bike you don't want is really not that good of a deal.

Stem shifters are the cheapest option. If you have a co op nearby, you can probably pick up a set for under $10. Add downtube cable stops, new cables and housings, and you are done. Could be completed for under $25 if you do the work yourself.

I am seeing nice used bikes with STI shifters for $150 to $200. Hard to get there at that price with the Fuji or any other old school bike for that matter.

This bike started with downtube shifters (you are not going to find one like this for $200).
Tools Prologue Series 5 Xmas 006 by wrk101, on Flickr

I've done several. None can be done at the cost of used, more basic STI bikes right now.

Last ride 76 06-04-19 08:01 PM

I wouldn't grind anything off the frame. The bike is what it is. If you want to move the levers, it can be done just like Incidious C. said.
Before you do that, try them where they are. Once your hand is off the bar, it's off. You're riding one handed. Reaching down may feel odd at first, but will probably become second nature after some practice.
Cheers, Eric

randyjawa 06-05-19 07:48 AM

You need stem mounted shifters of which there are several brands. Not too expensive, at your local bike co-op, if there is one in your area...

Trueblood 06-05-19 08:28 AM

Well, there are these - thumb shifter mounts -

They are not cheap, but you can mount down tube shifters on them if the cable guides on the shifters align properly. Not sure I would use this setup for drop bars, better off with stem shifters or bar end shifters as others have suggested.

ryansu 06-05-19 12:34 PM

People did in fact ride bikes with shifters mounted on the down tube for a number of decades and still do....that being said make the bike comfortable for you or find one that is already set up in a way you are comfortable with

madpogue 06-05-19 03:21 PM

Does the bike have the original drop handlebar, and if so, were you planning on keeping it? Then the first question you have to ask and answer (and only you can answer it) is -- WHERE on the bar do you want the shifters?

Wildwood 06-05-19 03:32 PM

Try it like it is for a while. No harm in that. I bet you can drive that bike safely one-handed between shifts. Friction shifting over indexed takes a bit more practice, maybe the better part of a medium length ride.

ramzilla 06-05-19 04:02 PM

If it's a 6 speed RD bike then you could make a couple modifications to have brifters or STI style shifting. Just remember the important rule. Everything must match. The rear derailleur must match the shifter and should also match the rear freewheel. Upgrade to a 7 speed Shimano HG rear freewheel. Upgrade to a 7/8/9 speed rear Shimano Derailleur like a Deore M591. Install some Microshift (Shimano compatible) 7 speed brifters. Install downtube cable stop & new cables. You may or may not have to increase rear wheel axle length. Spread rear dropouts appx.4mm. Install all that stuff & go out there & ride your brifter equipped bike. Be good. Have fun.

SurferRosa 06-06-19 06:15 AM

You need stem mounted shifters
Suntour bar-end ratcheting shifters would be a much nicer upgrade.

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